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magic nocturnal spirits

Aurora borealis, mirrie dancers, aurores boréales, Northern lights have been dancing – and still are, as I type – enchanting the island, my heart and eyes. Giddy, dizzy, such earthly spectacle from our amazing star.

Pure magic 🙂







Never had it so ethereal! 🙂

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light wanderings

It only takes a moment.
Be in the right place at the right time. Stand up and feel.

Plenitude found in one of those precious capsules of happiness when we align to earth and sea – feel at one with our homeworld.
As life allows, such communion with our land- (or sea-) scapes should not feel privileged moments, but natural ones.

My nearest safe haven of now remains my local favourite beach. As a longer weekend loomed on the calendar, I took full advantage of it.
So I wandered down to the shore and locked my heart into the now

Here, my homeworld in panoramic 🙂
I had the whole of the beach, sea and sky to myself. I listened to the wind and waves in the shoormal, where sand and shells shift.

20140227-095430.jpgSheer plenitude in such moments, topped up by magic northern lights way past twilight.

Thank you for all this wonderful magic!


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Falling Into Place: ArtiPeeps Update

From Project & Artists’ community curator 🙂



Looking at the diary yesterday, I realised I have not done an ArtiPeeps Update for a while, and there has been a lot going on in terms of development. Last month we finally opened our official bank account as an organisation. This is in preparation for the fundraising for ‘Transformations’. I have to say that it all felt very grown up, and a bit of a benchmark for us! There’s nothing in it at the moment, but I’m sure that will change when our sponsorship drive kicks in!  At the moment it feels like lots of little jigsaw pieces are being lain down in readiness for the completion of the whole picture. It’s amazing how one big movement, a coming together, is so overwhelmingly dependent on so many smaller pieces sliding into position behind it….

So where to begin: at this very moment I’m pulling together our ‘Transformations’ Kickstarter…

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‘Centaurs and Rumours’ Whisper 2/5: Transformations Poems (Book 12)

From the Transformations’ Project, within ArtiPeeps – Book 12 – Caenis



George Braque Metamorphoses

February 2013-March 2014

17 poets, 15 months, creating 1 contemporary reworking of Ovid’s Metamorphoses

See the Transformations Page for more details or the ‘Present Collaborations’ Tab


Poems Inspired by Book 12


Nat Hall and Rebecca Audra Smith



by Nat Hall


from rosebud to bloodshed,
from jewel to sharp blade
from honey to stallion;

from pure silk to armour
from loose hair to cold blood
from needle to honour –

from pomegranate to fire,
from morning dew to tasteless dust
from peau de pêche to leather skin,

one young nymph wished for
shameless spear,
as token from


by Rebecca Audra Smith


A man becomes a mountain-
half man, the men, half horse-
decry Caeneus, tell him-
get back to the womanly occupations
your hands remember.

When he will not, they strip
a mountainside of its trees
uproot a forest.


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live from Mareel

Sunday split by a very undecided sky…
Listening to live jazz at Mareel,

Here, inspiration

Live from Mareel

Two flower pots
shelved against glass –
two musicians glued to tied strings,
two herring gulls above
hay’s dock,
drops –
wild as jazz.
#micropoetry fae #60N



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Parlons d’amour.

Ce matin les oiseaux ont chanté
les premiers soupirs
du printemps
encore endormi dans
les brassées de
la mer,
de bruyère de
la terre,
courbes & teint hâlé de
la lande, là où
les cœurs s’encrent
au rouge orangé du soleil.

Ouvre ton cœur,
laisse-le me souffler des mots

Let’s speak of love.

Today birds sang spring’s
primal sighs,
inside ocean’s
arms – hills’ heathery
hair, shapes & tanned skin
from our peatlands,
where hearts
ink themselves
from this orange-scarlet sunrise.

your heart,
let it whisper me amber words.

© Nat Hall 2014

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20140213-225643.jpg Have you noticed? Our garden birds have begun to serenade around us. Light is gradually returning to our northern latitudes (and in between two storms) we feel our hearts beating.
Last January, my local newspaper, The Shetland Times, commissioned a first poem that was to be tied with Valentine’s Day. A love poem. So I took my best fountain pen and let my heart speak in free style.

Six days later, a reader approaches me at Mareel to share her reactions – her face radiated with heartfelt warmth. In a 21st world dominated by so much austerity (dare I say nearly Cromwellian style) I am pleased to feel love still reaches out to people 🙂

Allons, parlons d’amour…

Here it is,

Early Buds

Tell me the world wakes
from thin ice,
look of
love inside
our stars,
Altair, Aquila & Lyra –
Venus in silky cyan blue.
From night to light,
I watch you dream from my garden.
Inside February’s coldness
hide early buds;
Listen for blackbird at sunrise;
as our sun warms pink horizon,
I feel your heart inside my shirt –
your will to join in dawn
chorus beyond
stone walls,
Now, look closer.
All around rose hips have spoken –
scarlet heart shapes from
our gardens,
still left
Feel it.
It is hiding,

© Nat Hall 2014

With grateful thanks to the Shetland Times for such commission. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow

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