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A Tale of Two Islands

You, in your corner of Antrim, where your sea jewel emerald, a giant heaved up a causeway in

a story black as basalt, hexagonal to crystalise wrath from ocean;

and yet too short to reach my shore. He never thought of a land bridge, since you fret at


planks and ropes, in suspension between two cliffs, where fulmars glide, cackle with pride – in that Northern Irish accent…

You should be dreaming in Glasgow.

Broch making in Hoswick

Here, we build brochs as watch towers from rounded stones to eye each movement from the sea.

Da Roost has declared us landlocked.

I made a fresh pot of veg soup with enough carrots, leek and kale; freed my coatrack from winter tales And polished taps to revive chrome…

A full spring clean I call redd-up.

I count minutes between two gusts, knot for windspeed around headlands where lights still blink and

refract hope…

Instead our world’s tied to bollards, silenced and still; locked inside docks, behind closed doors,

I too wish to forward the clock;

watch you sail past my island shore, as the sun rises in your eyes… Watch you glide across the pressgang, long corrugated corridor that reunites our words and smiles,

Instead, I listen to the wind…

What a start to the new decade, April and voar. Somebody unleashed a devil, a terrorist invisible that sweeps and snatches blindfolded…

And pray it spares you in Belfast.

© Nat Hall 2020

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love story

Histoire d’amour, love story. Last June I flew to Hordaland to be by their side. In nine days’ time I shall return and reconvene with this other side of the sea. I remember François speaking of belonging to the clan. I know I do, and cannot wait to step out of the plane in Bergen. Somehow it begins to feel like a Viking’s  homecoming, hamefarin.

Dear Anita and François, it is on its way to you, and should arrive a day before me. :=)

anita-og-francois Access to the wedding photobook HERE 

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as gales gradually sweep away the harshness of winter, and birds begin to fill our sky with slightly bolder songs, a poem of love 🙂


Now come undone.

the garden
they gathered,
in between branches and
dawn’s pearls, as
blue dominated their
world, and
blackbirds dreamt
deep in ivy;

they fell on satin
as sunrise
burnt their game of
entangled in
jet black
fell to prey,
pleasure & dust…

As furtive as dawn may vanish,
they will nestle in secret
warmth from an
along sweet
summer breeze,
in an orchard charged with
apples, cherries & love.

© Nat Hall 2015

through the green


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Parlons d’amour.

Ce matin les oiseaux ont chanté
les premiers soupirs
du printemps
encore endormi dans
les brassées de
la mer,
de bruyère de
la terre,
courbes & teint hâlé de
la lande, là où
les cœurs s’encrent
au rouge orangé du soleil.

Ouvre ton cœur,
laisse-le me souffler des mots

Let’s speak of love.

Today birds sang spring’s
primal sighs,
inside ocean’s
arms – hills’ heathery
hair, shapes & tanned skin
from our peatlands,
where hearts
ink themselves
from this orange-scarlet sunrise.

your heart,
let it whisper me amber words.

© Nat Hall 2014

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20140213-225643.jpg Have you noticed? Our garden birds have begun to serenade around us. Light is gradually returning to our northern latitudes (and in between two storms) we feel our hearts beating.
Last January, my local newspaper, The Shetland Times, commissioned a first poem that was to be tied with Valentine’s Day. A love poem. So I took my best fountain pen and let my heart speak in free style.

Six days later, a reader approaches me at Mareel to share her reactions – her face radiated with heartfelt warmth. In a 21st world dominated by so much austerity (dare I say nearly Cromwellian style) I am pleased to feel love still reaches out to people 🙂

Allons, parlons d’amour…

Here it is,

Early Buds

Tell me the world wakes
from thin ice,
look of
love inside
our stars,
Altair, Aquila & Lyra –
Venus in silky cyan blue.
From night to light,
I watch you dream from my garden.
Inside February’s coldness
hide early buds;
Listen for blackbird at sunrise;
as our sun warms pink horizon,
I feel your heart inside my shirt –
your will to join in dawn
chorus beyond
stone walls,
Now, look closer.
All around rose hips have spoken –
scarlet heart shapes from
our gardens,
still left
Feel it.
It is hiding,

© Nat Hall 2014

With grateful thanks to the Shetland Times for such commission. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow

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