It’s all about the poetics I encounter and embrace through walks, which I once (and still) entitled CHRONICLES FROM ARCANIA, this poetics from 60N – Shetland, this archipelago constantly windswept, bathing in the North Atlantic & North Sea – where I feel at one with our Earth, my sense of place so maritime.

And from the tip of my island home, I watch the world, when I don’t tread anywhere else – connect with it and celebrate its many beautiful aspects. “Walking the shore”, as Kenneth White once defined it.

You will alIMG_5448-1so find a sister site, where all is interwoven at

nordicblackbird – the roost 



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  1. Hi,
    Merci pour tes voeux, Gilles Fabre de haikuspirit.org
    J’ai essayé de répondre par twitter… Mais c’est allé à tout le monde alors j’ai effacé…
    Je suis aussi un fan de rugby (top 14) et en plus je travaille pour l’IRB!
    A plus

  2. Hi Nat, could you simplify for me just exactly what Geopoetics means/is? I’ve got White’s poetry collection, and read Across The Territories a good while ago, and have visited the Geopoetics site, but cannot get a good understanding at what it is exactly. I need it spoon fed I think!

    • In a nutshell, Andy, my humble interpretation of geopoetics makes us be part and celebrate our place within the “open world” at many level: geographical, poetical (though look at the wider understanding & definition of poetics), enabling us to live, create (allowing our intellect to wander freely through scapes, either “real” or imaginary/metaphysical) open our minds to our homeworld – hence embracing our sense of place, and free ourselves (a bit from the material world, that cage man created in an attempt to rule & dominate others, humans & other animals.

      • So, in a way, it is finding inspiration and creativity in the place that we find ourselves in-from the landscape, the history, the people, the mythology, the elements, etc? Allowing our imagination full reign on all levels, so to speak?

      • Yes, you got it! I also take it as a kind of “philosophy”, way of life. It englobes a whole way of thinking, detached from the material world 🙂

      • I think I must have been switched on to Geopoetics all along without even realising it! I always take notice of the world around me where I live-the natural world, the seasons, the history, etc. It is all inspirational 🙂
        In a few months time a publisher is bringing out a chapbook of my poetry, and much of it is inspired by the landscape I find myself in, both rural and urban. Thanks for helping me get my head around it 🙂

      • Did the very same, Andy, and you are mostly welcome. Congratulations on your forthcoming chapbook! Why not joining the Scottish Centre for Geopoetics? New members are always welcome. Kindest regards, N

  3. I shall look into it. Thank you.

  4. Hi Nat, not sure if you saw my post, but my book was published today.
    The reason I’m contacting you is I wonder how you feel about maybe submitting one? I recently spoke with the editor of Nordland Publishing and mentioned you: my book is part of a series of proposed chapbooks that go under the umbrella of Songs of the North. A poet named Katie Metcalfe’s book was the first in the series, mine is now the second. Different takes on the north. I recommended you to the editor as I thought you was suitable due to 1. Your location 2.more importantly, your writing. I did tell him though that I hadn’t discussed it with you and didn’t even know if it was something you was open to.
    Just a thought anyway. Check out my book and Katie’s. See what you think.


  5. The Songs Of The North series is poetry. Both Katie’s and mine, the only two so far published.There is a link on their website, I think. Maybe on Open Calls. You will be able to find it.

  6. I told him that you seemed interested. Let me know how you go on.

  7. You live on Shetland? Wonderful. I don’t suppose I shall visit again, but I was there in the mid-1970s, travelling around; in particular I recall seeing a Black-browed Albatross in the Gannet colony on the northern tip of Unst. You have a wonderful place to love. Adrian 🙂

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