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late night drifter: aerial tal

I just adore the track, and now this – happy listening & dreaming!

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impromptu visitors

 Amazing sighting this afternoon as I was minding my own business.

There, on the last day of B(ritish) S(ummer) T(ime), among decay and rotten leaves, they invaded my own  garden. Not one or two, but five or six, attracted by the golden jewels of October,  they came to perch and tear out red… To them, the larder was Thor-sent. I reckon they might have escaped the harshness of winter’s grip on their own land. They packed their ambition under their  wings and crossed the sea like explorers in search of gold and other bounties, juice or mead…

waxwings are like Vikings,

they come from the East/NE across the wild North Sea (or Norwegian Sea for what we know…) in their cohorts and  invade your neck of the heather without shame; terrorise the locals (i.e. sparrows & starlings that never asked for blood or strife) – pick on your most treasured high autumn possessions (in my case here, my bundle of ruby rose hips that have come to maturity) and loot the lot! Their bills act like pick axes and they won’t leave until they finish off their feast… They come with mighty impressive markings too – take a look at their black masks and bibs – that array of rufous edge around their bills – that ferocious white eyeliner to remind you who’s looking at you in the eye and fluffy crown synonym with Erik The Red… (without the helmet, that is.) So I thought twice before I dared and opened the window to point my longest lens out in low light. In the mayhem, my felines fled through the cat flap,  attracted by the invaders’ fierce cries. They did not wait for fur & claws to get at them, as they hovered above rose hips, in between stone wall that guards my neighbour’s long(er) house and their trees.  That’s when everything went quiet…

Now that night came, I wonder where my warriors went roosting. Did they assault the nearby community garden, where sycamores harbour starlings? Did they empty the walled garden and ousted robins and sparrows? For all I know, I’m left with heavily torn rose hips. Another saga unfolding…

P.S: If Per Kåre and/or any member from the NYBAKK Clan – or any Norskie friend and/or reader come across this particular post, well… Skål!!! 

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October through the fisheye

It is the time of less precocious, though spectacular sunrises, filled with birdsong on a calm day. Yet, as I type winter has made an appearance. It was only last Monday when I captured this luminous skyline. Starlings woke up at 8 a.m. and began to perch on fenceposts. They then advertised morning light in their click-a-ting – or dare I say, Bushmen from the Kalahari style tongue. I recorded them for pleasure. Here is the moment of pleasure 🙂

But then again, my favourite sunrise at this time of year still emerges from above the island of Mousa, just east off my township. Just as pictured below. Just breathtaking, as I never take it for granted. earth & sky spectacle on my way to work every morning…

sunrise over Mousa, 11 October 2012

Sometimes in chaotic light, always defiant to the clouds.

How did I see this October? Retrospective through the fisheye .

I loved its moments of sheer blue, when light refracts without complex!  From the western end of the island’s westside, from Sandness to Walls, with good friends, and new ones as well. The kind of blue that makes you drift away from everything you wish… Sense of pleasure from Arcania 🙂

Walls, Westside, Shetland on a crystalline blue day, 19 Oct 2012

My friend & fellow writer, Robin’s house (far right), Walls, 19 Oct 2012

Uyea still tastes a fabulous hors d’oeuvre to moments of clear blue.

Only two days before that, titanium filled my lens, together with chaotic light through hues of jade, as I wandered and drifted along my sandbridge. There I met with October’s dwellers – long-tailed ducks on flypast, knots & ringed plovers… And broken shells.

Ninian skyline, 17 October 2012

knot & ringed plover by the surf, 17 Oct 2012

still on wet sand,

broken shell, 17 Oct 2012

I love that constant game of light & its impact onto my world.

From blue – via titanium grey – to gold, as light shines so luminous on everything it touches – land, heather, sand or feathers. It is a time of honey or even sheer gold – dazzling my heart & iris.

starling in generous light, 23 Oct 2012

Light on the Ward of Scousburgh, 25 Oct 2012

northern lapwing (juvenile) in afternoon sun, 23 Oct 2012

grey heron at Boddam Voe, 25 Oct 2012

magic moments!

And sunsets too proved a delight 🙂

home sunset, 16 Oct 2012

But then, everything changed so radically, as air turned crisp – so raw from the Northerly direction.

That’s when grass bends and yields to the hidden claws of winter.

Winter, so precocious, with or without a business card.

Somebody noticed with a grin & question mark – “snow, snow, already?” First snow – even in the form of humble dusting – sometimes appears in October. That game of light turns into glowing chaotic! Friday morning did not disappoint a snowflake, or a rose hip.

looking south towards Sumburgh, in full colours

starlings now know where to find scraps through green & white…

This year’s rookies from the garden world will make themselves more gregarious and rely on us to help them survive this winter, as this very first cold snap really bites.  Time to make brand new fat balls for avian friends, hanging on trees, still clad with leaves.

 October has proven a rainbow month through a gigantic kaleidoscope. And as we near to Samhain, that time of year, when the veil between the living & the dead reaches its thinnest seam, a darker phase is just about to start in earnest in a few days, as we shall start sliding to Yule… Light exodus, as my whole world will be eager to reach & cross winter solstice.

It is time for candles, warmth from close friends, hearty soups and mulled wine 🙂

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Have you read… Stravaig#1?

Stravaig Issue 1


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Photographic portfolio updated

A triptych of blueness added to the portfolio today.

Please click on the link:

Nordicblackbird c/o Redbubble 

Thank you for visiting 🙂

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Poems Are like Stained Glass Windows

Poems Are like Stained Glass Windows.

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Show Us Your Art – Middlesborough Exhibition

Show Us Your Art – Middlesborough Exhibition.

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