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Helheim: ‘Death & Hollows’ 2/4 The Nine Realms- Poems and Writing

Hot from the somber Viking realm…


nine realms8

The Nine Realms

9 months, 23 poets and writers, 22 Artists, 3 composers, 1 Viking boat: a magical reworking of Norse Mythology for contemporary audiences

Poems and Writing inspired by the Norse realm of Helheim (The Realm through which men must pass to reach Nifelheim)


Nat Hall, Shirley Golden and Jim C. Mackintosh

The Sandglass

by Nat Hall


Don’t mistake time for gravity

Each sand grain slides
between two
you toss
when you feel
lost, the one Nanna
drowned in her
bridge of sand and
shells, the one
that never
driftwood –
the one shipbuilders
curse like hell, as
fingers erase
one too
aware of sunsets
swallowed by a wolf
known as Sköll.

At either end,
dead man fingers…

Now let fate
toss sand grains & glass,
Hel dreams of
ellipsis to Ragnarök.

© Nat Hall…

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A The Nine Realms Campaign and Project Update #1

Project update, fresh from its curator. Oars are being grabbed as we speak 🙂


nine realms8

19 poets, 23 artists, 3 musicians and a Viking boat!


Vikings Ahoy!

Campaign Update:

So far we are off to a really great start. We are 53% funded and have £646 of our £1222 goal. A big thank you to all the 19 backers thus far.



Here’s the latest backers’ wordle I created by way of a thank you. A larger version of the  wordle will be publicly displayed within ‘The Gallery’ in Hanse House throughout The Nine Realms event in September.

Day 3

Our Viking Boat:

We are also 4 days into the carving of our Viking Boat. It is starting to take shape, but in the beginning, so Mark tells me, it’s a slow process. Getting the boat prepped for the figurehead is key. Here is a slideshow of the boat’s progress thus far.



There are some great Viking related rewards:

  • Have your initials carved…

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April 26, 2015 · 1:21 pm


Before might of Mother Nature, in disarray when her crust shakes, fashions herself though molten rocks, we need to yield and face chaos.

In unison with prayer flags flying at will between Lhasa & Katmandu, every arête of mythical Hymalayas, I have unleashed my humble ones.

A quake terrifies us all. 

Man may wage wars against his kind, inflict suffering to the world through various ways, including planet poisoning… But man remains powerless before anger from his homeworld – as that thin layer we call ground destroys his own making… 

I watched yesterday’s first reports via a French channel. My heart sank at the people directly affected by yesterday’s massive quake. However, I was also appalled to hear of their [French reporters’] focus on “the terrible loss of UNESCO buildings & fear of French nationals on the Hymalayan slopes.”  …As if they were more preoccupied by stones & privileged mountaineers in search of fame than the Nepalese folk dying under the rubble. 

Let us hope the media change their discourse & that humanity responds quickly enough in an effort to help everyone affected by such natural disaster.

Man has learnt resilience. 

I live in an island not so far from Iceland, where tectonic plates, rifts and volcanoes can be felt at my local level. I wonder how the world would react should it happen closer to us… 



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19 April, on a headland sang by a bard named Stevenson – raw, gripping from the edge of a cliff before sunset…

So far away from an aseptic world. Moment of truth before our star 🙂 


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9 Realms Viking Showcase: featuring Cliona Sheehan (artist)

Portrait 🙂


nine realms8

19 Poets, 23 artists, 3 musicians and a Viking boat



Cliona Sheehan

(Realm artist for Nidavellir alongside photographer Tony Adams)

Question: what piece of your art best represents you at the moment?







Cliona Sheehan was born in Ireland but lived her formative years in Bermuda. In 1978 she returned to Ireland and moved to Connemara to find the artist within. She now works as a self employed Parenting Skills facilitator and tutor. She is a self taught artist who seeks out art workshops and online collaboration to improve and get inspiration. She also uses art in her facilitation work, when possible. She works in ink, oils and acrylic to reflect what she sees… some realistic… some capture the mood. Often there is a struggle between what exists and what is experienced and she explores this dichotomy.

Contact details:

* Nidavellir…

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Indiegogo is… Go!

Thee Nine Realms‘ campaign is now live via  indiegogo – time to grab an oar if you can 🙂 

In between now and September, so many rivets to add to the boat, and each one weighs its gold.

Don’t miss it or the live carving of our craft via Vimeo boatmaster live – clinker builder in his workshop.

Thank you for visiting, and many more thanks for your support. 


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Vikings Ahoy! Good News! The Nine Realms Update (April #2)

Time to grab an oar 🙂


nine realms8

19 poets, 23 artists, 3 musicians and a Viking Boat


Vikings Ahoy!

 Good News!



I am very pleased to announce that The Nine Realms has been co-funded by Arts Council England alongside Norfolk County Council, which is absolutely thrilling and a testament to the talents, creativity and skills of all 45 creatives involved in The Nine Realms!


 we are still missing some vital funds to cover the commissioning costs of the carving of our Viking boat,  the focal point of our project. This is why our Indiegogo campaign is starting next week on Monday 20th April, to cover these costs. Mark, our great woodcarver, is going to start his LIVE-WOODCARVING,  and I’m really excited to see what Mark is going to create for us. To have regular, live updates will be a wonderful thing. We can watch our boat emerge!


Chisel Sharpening


Our campaign  is…

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hors d’oeuvre

Pre-lunch poetics, clad in rouge or dark pink, as sensual as a early blossoms. 

Your Way to Kiss a Hummingbird

Pucker your lips,

clad them scarlet as flowers –

feel its wingbeats 

against your




resist sugar 


It is

La saison du désir.


#geopoetics fae #60N

© Nat Hall 2015 

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Triptych – as captured on 3 April 2015 in Camargue… Spring is la saison des amours.

Fond memories revived tonight.



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Nifelheim: ‘Spaces and Pain 3/4’ The Nine Realms- Poems and Writing

Latest offering to the nine realms


nine realms8

The Nine Realms

9 months, 22 poets and writers, 22 Artists, 3 composers, 1 Viking boat: a magical reworking of Norse Mythology for contemporary audiences

Poems and Writing inspired by the Norse realm of Nifelheim (The Realm of the Dead


Ross Beattie and  Nat Hall


Send Me to Hel

by Ross Beattie


Become for me what you became for that world.
My sister is also a serpent.
You protect the gates of your name and I need not pass you as my only wish is to die beside you.
Many gods cannot bear how you look, eyes turn in disgust, fear creeps through the hearts of greater men than I. But I’m entranced by your beauty, your one half rotting and other already dead, it’s exactly the same as mine, but only eyes that see past surfaces can tell this when they see me.
Can you see…

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