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In between time, tides, meridians…

2014 had its magic moments – new friends, projects, travels, publications… Holding my breath when it mattered, smiled at the world without restraint, burnt my fingers, ego & pride…



Now my heart’s reconciled with each moment, I celebrate then & now.

Than YOU for being a part of it, wherever you are,
thank YOU for
kind eyes,
support and
help in any way
along this

As we prepare for the next stretch, let me wish you the very best –
may 2015 fill your eyes & hearts with smiles, health, joys, happiness beyond desires.
Let it guide you towards success.

I love that word that means the world of boundless beauty inside out:



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A Festive Nine Realms and ArtiPeeps Update (2014)

From ArtiPeeps’ Curator & friend, Nicky Mortlock 🙂



 ArtiPeeps 2014 Overview:

It’s been a significant year for ArtiPeeps, with the success of Transformations our first poetry-art exhibition in Hanse House, Norfolk. Not only did we showcase a broad range of creatives from all over the world and the UK, we confirmed that the ‘making the virtual real’ part of what we do, works. Also, some of us met for the first time having worked together for two years virtually which was also very rewarding.

My strongest  memory though of Transformations is of the schools’ day where pupils engaged with the poetry and art created by the Transformers, inspired by Ovid’s Metamorphoses. They were fully engaged, valued the interaction with,  and direct access to, the Transformers who came and shared their process. They took part in poetry readings- the whole works! It made me realise how powerful participation and interaction is with the arts particularly when you combine…

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December 22, 2014 · 12:23 pm


Yule, Mother Earth’s rite of passage towards the coming Equinox.
From 60N,
it’s impressive –

Night overrides shafts from a sun that barely dares getting aloft…
A few degrees’ elevation to be precise.

In other words, light from our great celestial star becomes precious.
Shortest day, longest
sun eyes
directly into tropic of

does it
mean to islanders
inside a storm?

Candle-lit world, cinnamon scented sanctuary as darkness creeps earlier than thought…
Time to
open tokens of love, and
reconvene with a few friends – enjoy the magic of powder propelled & sparked to light us up for a moment. Live music shared in between hail and rain showers… Then a hot drink before retracing our own steps.



Time to regain precious seconds and gaze at return of the sun.

Have a wonderful Yule, festive season, Solstice Day, whatever side of the Equator 🙂


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Vanaheim: ‘ Magic & Wonder’ 1/5′ The Nine Realms- Poems and Writing

Realm 2 out in the open 🙂


World Tree Norse

The Nine Realms

9 months, 22 poets and writers, 22 Artists, 3 composers, 1 Viking boat: a magical reworking of Norse Mythology for contemporary audiences

Poems and Writing inspired by the Norse realm of Asgard


Jim C. Mackintosh, Rebecca Audra Smith,

Kate Garrett and Nat Hall


by Jim C. Mackintosh


Somewhere in the folds of dreams, Vanaheim
Floats on ribbons of imagination; in time
To swallow heavens with magical disregard
For vain complexities born of human chaos
Banishing greed and fury to the grub of Utangard
No need for pale weakness in shabby human form. 
Though widening hollows struck its walls, a storm
Sparked by Odin’s scheme, of vengeful desire 
To suck wisdom’s juice from blackened earth
The mulch of trampled souls lost in bloody mire.
Breathless rivers pooled, their exhausted course
Amongst the crumble of once proud walls; a source
Of peace, a reluctant…

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pin islandais 2014First.

There is a first for everything.

Mood from our Earth, as sun gradually eyes the tropic of the Capricorn, we find ourselves in sometimes ruffling darkness. That’s when we start to light candles, ask Uriel for protection, stock in anticipation for leaner days, welcome winter & Mother Earth inside our homes – gather with friends for a moment.

We also provide for our friends, storm survivors in the garden.


First icicles on Saturday.

That’s when the island turns a whiteworld, even for a fraction of sandgrain in a timer… It suddenly brightens your heart. You want to rush in the garden, and adorn trees with suet balls, nail an apple onto the edge of a compost bin – mere offerings that makes you feel part of your world. In between spells of frozen rain, hail and snowflakes, blue reappears. The last great storm that broke havoc to the dwellers of the island with hail, lightning and thunder hell, was swept by gales somewhere outward.

les zigzags du facteur ce matin 13 dec 2014ma megane dans la neige 13 dec 2014joyeux noel 2014

Instead of beads, magic crystals.

master starlingbirds on canvas 6 Dec 2014funky visitor 5-6 Dec 2014

Just seven days to Yule, earth’s shortest day & longest night 🙂

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Iberlin plaquet takes a podcast in iTunes to sometimes trigger a blog post. In this case, It takes my heart back to a moment in September when my feet, heart and eyes wandered inside the German capital. Germany: Memories of a Nation is celebrated at the British Museum, whilst Neil MacGregor narrates chunks of her people’s history. From Truemmerfrauen to reunification via the fall of the Berlin Wall, so many years of resilience, “Mother Courage” has pushed her cart. Barlach’s Angel found in London for a moment. Fabulous podcast series 🙂

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Asgard: ‘Warriors and Ravens’ 3/4′ The Nine Realms- Poems and Writing


World Tree Norse

The Nine Realms

9 months, 22 poets and writers, 22 Artists, 3 composers, 1 Viking boat: a magical reworking of Norse Mythology for contemporary audiences

Poems and Writing inspired by the Norse realm of Asgard


Richard Biddle, Eleanor Perry,

Jim C. Mackintosh, Carol Robson

Mimir Speaks

by Richard Biddle

First you must become
your own assassin.

With the clarity of
a perfectly balanced

and as easily as clouds
pass over an
unblemished sky,

cut through yourself.

Once severed from the
object of your body

you shall reawaken
into a deathless peace

and inside this
formless void
you will find a new voice
with which to speak.

As the me of your
memory melts,

like not quite white
fallen snow

laying bare
the groundless

on which
all can tread
without trace,

know that
all you are
is the knowing
of knowing.

look inwardly,

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