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Yule and now Hogmanay behind us.

The tidal loch remains frozen at Wadbister on New Year’s Day, and it may well stay in this state for a while…

Wadbister is the place where I buried 2017 with good friends & two of their neighbours. I woke up this late morning and breakfasted with my hosts, Sharon and Andy, looking at a brand new sky. Blue, serene, by a garden and bay that homes a wonderful wildlife. If I missed the otter, I was blessed with my first avian visitors – starling, blackbird, sparrow and robin – when an unusual visitor (to our latitude here anyway!) graced the garden, a great tit. What a grand start to the primal day of the year! 

By the time I left my friends’ home, a West wind was recolouring the heavens, as light rain showers began to christen the land… 


A year of contrasts – a tale of two halves, with its kaleidoscope of emotions – that took my heart across headlands, bays, the English Channel and the North Sea. 

A creative year, as it has anchored my pen into this second collection of poetry in the making… Writing on both sides of the North Sea, with a fabulous return to West Norwegian shores last September.  

And our descent to Yule marked by the shifting of our AHS to its new 21st building at Lochside, which proved an extraordinary exercise. 

Yet October was graced by extraordinary moments, reunions and meetings that began to pave my way into 2018. For this, I feel humble, blessed and grateful to 2017. 

Christie Williamson and Hazel Frew, see you both in your great Celtic town in April! 

November also graced by new humane and creative connections thanks to friend and poetess Choman Hardi, who made me discover Barbara Cumbers, a kindred spirit based in London, and regular visitor to Shetland. Magic slices of life shared since, including two readings at the Book Fest and in Scalloway. 

December crowned by many smiles

The joy of reaching Yule marked with many delights – a poet’s working blurb published in Shetland Life, a poem inside the Yule Issue of the New Shetlander. 

The island clad by sun and snow on the eve of a well deserved break. 

A peaceful end to a year that felt a real roller coaster, and as the twelfth month was about to draw to an end, a brand new project now at my writer’s table in the translation of a manuscript. Wonderful challenge and task that began on the Eve of Hogmanay.


Thank you, 2017, for your joys and tears, harvest of adventures, new friends across headlands and seas.

Today, on the primal day of the year, there burns a fire in my heart, like a beacon for the twelve months ahead.

Hello, 2018. Let me welcome you with fresh eyes, a shameless smile, heart filled with hopes.

The road ahead feels both very exciting and promising.

A very happy new year to you all, wherever you walk on this amazing planet. May 2018 grant you good health and happiness.


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   It all started with a shameless star, low (at around 6 degree elevation) but present in my Nordic sky.

It fills the heart with spirit. 

Hello, 2016. 

And what a prologue to exciting times ahead. As a kind of ritual, there is a hill I love to walk on every first day of every year’s primal month. It bears the name of the Wart of Scousburgh.  


I leave da buggy by the parish’s Eiffel Tower, and wander free among ravens, January’s cold air and ephemeral blue. The views always fill my heart and eyes with awe and humility. 

   Fitful Head, just under 300m above ocean level, stands as a vigil to the SW corner of the island.

Such kind of wandering notably has the power to give you perspective for the months ahead.
And from my hilltop to my favourite stretch of sand – Ninian’s Isle Tombolo – for a first reunion with shells, pastel sky and rollers, like a rite of passage into a realm where we wander before sunset, before ice grips fingers and roads. 

There, kindred spirits can be met, and marvel at such everlasting (even though shape shifting) magical place. 

2016 began with magic. Although I don’t usually do “resolutions”, I broke the rule and have endeavoured to add Norwegian to my bow. It makes absolute sense 🙂

Let me take this moment to thank you all for your follows, your “likes” and comments during the past year; and to 

Wish you a wonderful year ahead. May 2016 realise many of your desires, dreams, hopes, with, above all, good health and happiness.

May that star shine around you.

Namaste, N.


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In between time, tides, meridians…

2014 had its magic moments – new friends, projects, travels, publications… Holding my breath when it mattered, smiled at the world without restraint, burnt my fingers, ego & pride…



Now my heart’s reconciled with each moment, I celebrate then & now.

Than YOU for being a part of it, wherever you are,
thank YOU for
kind eyes,
support and
help in any way
along this

As we prepare for the next stretch, let me wish you the very best –
may 2015 fill your eyes & hearts with smiles, health, joys, happiness beyond desires.
Let it guide you towards success.

I love that word that means the world of boundless beauty inside out:



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