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panto poster Weeks of hard work, madness, laughters and devotion to theatre, with a different twist yet again since Ignition with NTS, are gradually making their way towards the lights of the Garrison Theatre in Lerwick for the purpose of solid entertainment. Since I am bound by secrecy, I shall simply add, this is  total madness! A great classic revamped with a plethora of hilarious moments, blended by The Open Door Drama group, written and directed by wir Izzy Swanson. It is now coming to fruition and let’s hope Shetland  comes to laugh with us, as the festive season gets under way.

It has been a fabulous adventure so far.  Time to break a leg 🙂

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‘Strength and Disgrace’ Strike 4/4: Transformations Poems (Book 9)

With grateful thanks to Nicky Mortlock for her patience & dexterity as the website guru ;0) This one was a particular challenge as far as layout is concerned.



George Braque Metamorphoses

February 2013-March 2014

17 poets, 15 months, creating 1 contemporary reworking of Ovid’s Metamorphoses

See the Transformations Page for more details or the ‘Present Collaborations’ Tab


Poems Inspired by Book 9


Richard Biddle and Nat Hall


Becoming Tree

by Richard Biddle


as the labyrinthine brain shreds into a maze of mutations
and unburdens itself of language
as the gnashing teeth clack like glockenspiel blocks
and varnished nails vanish in a panic of burnished light;

imagine no-footedness, the cessation of journeying
imagine an amnesty of grateful arms gracefully
embracing the birds’ hollow bones
imagine not imagining

as the realisation of non-self engulfs this body with
molecular precision
as death’s imitation spreads its follicular canopy
above nibbling insects and spongy humus

imagine a factory, a pulp-plant manufacturing seedpods
imagine a container, a casket for nascent fungi
a treasury of lumber
imagine an artificial jungle

then see…

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geopoetics in action

Funny how a cold can keep you out of bed.  Here, here, a final post before Dreamtime,


with a concept deeply rooted in my head. That of geopoetics in action. Whereas Humblyband has kept me alert a great part of the evening, poetry submission now lies in the very good hands of friend & fellow poet Elizabeth Rimmer, c/o the Scottish Centre for Geopoetics for the next issue of its yearly journal, Stravaig.

But other verse has now found its curator within ArtiPeeps as part of Transformations for the next instalment of contemporary poetry inspired by Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

And, as my eyes & heart wanders across the Atlantic, I discover this. 🙂

Wow, geopoetics in action!

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New video installation showing at Shuffle Festival

From friend & fellow Humblyband. Visual Artist, Anne Brodie. Enjoy & go if you can!

Anne Brodie

Winter Shuffle Festival 5th – 15th Dec is an initiative of The East London Community Land Trust, run by a small group of individuals and aided by hundreds of volunteers. It currently operates on the grounds of St Clements Hospital – a former workhouse and psychiatric hospital in the heart of Mile End.

My video’s will be shown inside the John Denham Building (the front building of St Clements), as part of Lumen.

Open mon – fri 5pm-11pm, sat – sun 10am-11pm

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day oda snaa

First day of snow fae 60N Shetland




When whimsical commuting to Lerwick turns a fun trek! From blotched sunrise over my dear Isle of Mousa to the view of Bressay fae da Knab.
Winter has arrived on this latitude, at last.

Now, I ken I love the notion of north.

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nat and joe at mareel sep 2012 e-Looking back, listening back. I treasure this moment forever. Emotions in an eclectic bouquet. Faces, eyes, smiles. Known, unknown. Full house. And still some trying to get in… Darkish venue, with lights mounted on the wall on either side of the white screen. Steve’s magical accordion, Alan’s guitar to set the tone. And Joe’s soft voice, reassuring.

Here, here, FROM SHORE TO SHOORMAL BOOK LAUNCH on 1 September 2013

As if you were here / comme si vous y étiez 🙂

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treasured island

Since today is RLS Day,
happy birthday, Mr Stevenson!

Treasured Island –

Home of black, lone or lofty cliffs,
encircled by the screaming sea,
peat dried & burnt instead of wood,
where oil burns in candles’ stead,
barren as ignorance of men,
unaware of blunt
religion –
manured with seaweed,
sewn with gold,
where barley
grows as
and whales
gather with horses’ manes –
where you can find a solid spade,
a safer point of anchorage.

© Nat Hall 2013

In homage to RLS, 13 Nov 2013 —-


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