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Fantastic time with friends at Harrison Square in Lerwick to enjoy great live music from four talented musicians (previously mentioned on the blog) – but, heck, every performance has its distinct flavour and this latest one did not fail to meet its magic 🙂
The Donald Anderson Band is unafraid of cool N/NE’lies in a June silver sky – their melodies, spirit & vibes fly like gulls – free to delight their tuned listeners.
Now, my friend Kate is a real fan, and showed us all to love it more!
Wrapped up, alive, with open smiles 🙂
Thank you, all for a(nother) delicious slice of life.







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Trans-Atlantic adventure

Such a lovely memento from Nela Rio, Fredericton, New Brunswick – with renewed thanks to Joe Blades fae BJP. 🙂
L’aventure continue!

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Website updated


March has been crowned with a double bill of poetry events on both sides of the Atlantic.
Please click on the link: nordicblackbird / the roost

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poetry without frontiers


For the second year running, selected verse will be read & displayed on the other side of the Atlantic, closer to the lips of the Chocolate River, as a piece, previously featured on the blog, will feature at this year’s Poetry Reading in Fredericton.

I am infinitely grateful to Joe Blades & Nela Rio for exposing my work.
This piece remains very close to my heart 🙂


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From Shore to Shoormal at Wordplay 2013

20131231-024959.jpg Peerie (short) visual momento “de taille” for a trans-Atlantic adventure at the Shetland Book Festival 2013. Poet & Publisher made this festival “international” 🙂 FESTIVAL PROMOTIONAL VIDEO 2013 Really treasuring that moment.

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February 13, 2014 · 10:23 pm

geopoetics in action

Funny how a cold can keep you out of bed.  Here, here, a final post before Dreamtime,


with a concept deeply rooted in my head. That of geopoetics in action. Whereas Humblyband has kept me alert a great part of the evening, poetry submission now lies in the very good hands of friend & fellow poet Elizabeth Rimmer, c/o the Scottish Centre for Geopoetics for the next issue of its yearly journal, Stravaig.

But other verse has now found its curator within ArtiPeeps as part of Transformations for the next instalment of contemporary poetry inspired by Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

And, as my eyes & heart wanders across the Atlantic, I discover this. 🙂

Wow, geopoetics in action!

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nat and joe at mareel sep 2012 e-Looking back, listening back. I treasure this moment forever. Emotions in an eclectic bouquet. Faces, eyes, smiles. Known, unknown. Full house. And still some trying to get in… Darkish venue, with lights mounted on the wall on either side of the white screen. Steve’s magical accordion, Alan’s guitar to set the tone. And Joe’s soft voice, reassuring.

Here, here, FROM SHORE TO SHOORMAL BOOK LAUNCH on 1 September 2013

As if you were here / comme si vous y étiez 🙂

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