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double bill of book launch

Not only can I not really believe that Joe Blades, my Canadian publisher, is landing at Sumburgh (LSI) this Tuesday, but this coming week will include a double bill of book launch,
starting this Thursday with


and then with


Both events are free, however, both are also ticketed by Shetland Arts,
so do grab a mug/glass fae da Café & your ticket(s) fae da Shetland Box Office.

We shall be thrilled to have your company on both events 🙂

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found at sea

Just popped up to our local museum, the Shetland Museum, en route to a movie, and discovered a magical exhibition – Found At Sea – by poet Andrew Greig & Yell-based visual artist Mike McDonnell.
A friend recommended it.
I was not disappointed.
a taster & do join Andrew Greig at Wordplay this coming Saturday for the reading of his long poem.


Do enjoy it – here, a few more images of such great collaboration 🙂





It is a feast for the eye and heart 🙂


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wordplay 2013 – your invitation

wordplay image 2013wordplay – full programme

We’re on – check out page 7.

There will be readings from Marsali Taylor, Christian Tait, Nat Hall and Joe Blades & music from Steve Davidson & Alan MacKay. The event is free…

But get your ticket at the Shetland Box Office either in person or online,

do come & join us!


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Derrière [:] le comptoir

urban #geopoetics from across the Atlantic – la belle Province, 21st century, from monsieur Bordeleau. Both raw and exquisite.
Exquis dans sa raison d’etre 🙂


[Série 2. Suite de «sous l’oeil attentif de photographies de culturistes bien huilés»]

Rubbermaid (Brute), 2013.

À la Fin du monde, le temps de glisser un billet de dix dollars dans la main du commis, quelque chose comme une fêlure. Derrière le comptoir : un écran annonçant les sandwichs du jours et un autre annonçant les spéciaux de la semaine, des fils de fer et de nylon, des tire-bouchons et des casse-noisettes en quantité, des cartes d’appel et des couteaux de précision, des pétards et des Duracell AA et D, du vernis à ongles et des diachylons, des tampons et du Duct Tape, des miroirs de poche et des condoms Trop-de-gens, des murmures et du désir pas cher la livre…

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the puffin show

the puffin show [1]

“Anybody ho-home?”

"Hey, Basil, who's that dude?"

“Hey, Basil, who’s that dude?”

"Oh, man, really need to look the part..."

“Oh, man, really need to look the part…”

"et voilĂ "

“et voilĂ ”



Better, so much better than any reality show… They  come to delight us every summer, they preen and argue with their world and they add so much colour and meaning to our life. Every picture tells its story. Today I reconvened to the top of a great headland with a friend, and we pointed our lenses to any flying wonder that came to land before our eyes. We were not disappointed. Here, my afternoon in a nutshell, pictorial, with a minimum of words… Really, what comes to mind when adding …”Will you look at that, such a fabulous landing!” It really was a fabulous day, and I felt very privileged to watch and stand among those notoriously gorgeous “parrots of the sea” 🙂

"Did you see that... did you see that clown taking off in such manner? Man, he was a real haggis!"

“Did you see that… did you see that clown taking off in such manner? Man, he was a real haggis!”

"kaaaaawwwwwww" (1 word for 'awesome' in puffin tongue...)

“kaaaaawwwwwww” (1 word for ‘awesome’ in puffin tongue…)

"Just give me five minutes, will you???"“Just give me five minutes, will you???”

the puffin show [8]

“Look at me, humans, I’m awesome!”


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