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the other one…

anchoring in this world

New portfolio of images,

under construction,



bear with moi 🙂


thank you, merci.

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writer’s corner updated

foghorn in blueNHe- it’s ongoing, always under construction and exciting! / the roost has its Writer’s Corner and am gradually piling up exciting snippets of all kinds,

as I would do with a poem… (piling) image upon image! Now it is beginning to taste like a pièce montée 😉

Have a peep and enjoy! 🙂

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shared latitude

 Love my connections with Norway, from either side of the North Sea.

norseworld Friend & fellow photographer Anita Orheim opened brand new doors when she once asked me to cover Norway’s Liberation Day’s 65th Anniversary that took place in both Scalloway (Shetland’s ancient capital, one of the key strategic points for a low-profile operation code-named “The Shetland Bus“) and Lerwick. The rest is history 🙂 together

There’s nothing new about special ties between Bergen & Shetland. Shared latitude & heritage.

History may be written by the victors, but cultural heritage remains the fabric of our world.

Today my friend lives in Bergen.

She once lived on my side of the North Sea 🙂


Do enjoy her photographic portfolio.

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Stravaig Issue 2 is OUT!

iced haylor Stop Press: Stravaig Issue 2 is out!

Happy reading 🙂

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photographic portfolio update

Come and wander through the images – the portfolio is updated 🙂
nordicblackbird logoNordicBlackbird c/o Redbubble

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(treeds) other hidden treasures

treedsTreads come in bundles…

Here, a peerie collection of images from early April,

with two marvellous links to explore: SHETLAND HANDSPUN and JuSt Shetland – wonderworld, where the natural emerges from spring, spinner’s or weaver’s hands… And when I think of Treeds (Threads), I think of that boannie collection of poetry by Laureen Johnson too.

and now, to images from voar (spring)  🙂

courting sandy loo apr 2013

courting ringed plovers

greylags at lift off

greylags at lift off

talking maalies

quarelling fulmars (maalies!)

wandering shalders

wandering shalders (oystercatchers)

sunbathing selkies

sunbathing selkies

sheep in voar

just before lambing

camouflaged curlew

camouglaged curlew

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through the iris of my world

DSC_0117 Welcome back to our familiar peerie parrots of the sea!

Yes, Atlantic puffins (Fratercula arctica) have made it back (yesterday, Tues 9 April) to our most southerly headland, Sumburgh Head, on the main island 🙂

To celebrate this magic sign of summer, here, a precious link, the now world famous PUFFIN WEBCAM – live, from the tip of my northern world! Watch the drama unfolding.

Mind you, puffins were not the first ones back to 60N –  as guillemots and kittiwakes (part of the Laridae, or Gull family) notably make it during March… They are joined by razorbills, their other “cousins”, as all three species – puffin, guillemot, razorbill – belong to the same family, that of the Alcidae, or commonly known as the  Auks. All are pelagic (the sea is their true home) and they (well, some of them!) come back to us to lay an egg (or more, depending on the species) on our earth tips, since they cannot do it on water. In turn, they join back our resident dwellers, shags & fulmars. That’s when Sumburgh Head turns back to the Royal Albert Hall by June! … Well, let’s wish all compass head clad in  april blueour avian visitors a better breeding season, and our human visitors, a FABULOUS experience behind the safety of stone walls, the very place where the Shetland wren (yes, the subsp. Troglodites troglodites, sub. Zetlandicus) sings its head off among sea pinks & lichen (kennt here as da stane daeks!) – to us, HEAVEN ON EARTH!

Puffins just happen to be the super star of them all… HAPPY WATCHING! 

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Transformations (spring 2013)

beyond big sky [e-format]When we delve back into Ovid, we keep stumbling into two worlds, mortal and immortal.

Here, an early spring update of this formidable project, TRANSFORMATIONS, nurtured & curated by ArtiPeeps.

So far, it’s been filled with fun & challenges. It is growing, slowly, as Mother Earth is pregnant.


Enjoy the unfolding process 🙂

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boule de neige

Elena's smile Snowball.

I love snowballs.

Wonderful creative connections.

A short moment ago, I was pondering on the magic of what a single project can entail… And rightly posted Elizabeth’s constellation (see blog entry below).

Well, here comes the other, as another wonderful offshoot from NTS IGNITION (see March blog entries).

A voice, a world so ethereal. A name,

Elena Piras

Enjoy 🙂

And get the CD, Journey, it is awesome! 


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words from a fellow performer

Parkour Blue Tshirt 16 DEc 2012 e- Funny how kindred spirits congregate for a sole thing.

Here, please go explore Elizabeth’s Kitchen  – the dancer just added her words to the great music 🙂

It’s a cracker!

Furthermore, another link with Canada based on my island.

Knitters’ world.


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