(treeds) other hidden treasures

treedsTreads come in bundles…

Here, a peerie collection of images from early April,

with two marvellous links to explore: SHETLAND HANDSPUN and JuSt Shetland – wonderworld, where the natural emerges from spring, spinner’s or weaver’s hands… And when I think of Treeds (Threads), I think of that boannie collection of poetry by Laureen Johnson too.

and now, to images from voar (spring)  🙂

courting sandy loo apr 2013

courting ringed plovers

greylags at lift off

greylags at lift off

talking maalies

quarelling fulmars (maalies!)

wandering shalders

wandering shalders (oystercatchers)

sunbathing selkies

sunbathing selkies

sheep in voar

just before lambing

camouflaged curlew

camouglaged curlew


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