Shetland Arts, from 2001, as Shetland Arts’ Trust & its local Writers Groups & Wordplay, since its creation.

Shetland Museum & Archives and the Shetland Library, through various projects, events & readings.

through Serpentine Drama & Writers, based in Lerwick (2011-12) 

Ignition Hitchickerswith Jacqui Clark & the N(ational)T(heatre) S(cotland) through IGNITION [2012-13]

Open Door Drama, based in Waas, under the direction of Izzy Swanson

with Paula Moss Photography 

with Shetland Handspun and JuSt Shetland  (2013) 

and with the Islesburgh Photographic Club


The Scottish Centre for Geopoetics, under the direction of Norman Bissell

With Ryan Van Winkle & Steven J Fowler on a project called Auld Enemies (2014) auld enemies group pic July 2014

 …Write2Write Project with Pauline Vanderbilt

and through Ruth Macdougall’s “Humblyband” Project

with Anne Brodie and Lindsay Sekulowicz as crew members…

With Timespan – Artists’ Community (Dec 2012)

newton & stewart from shore to shoormal With Caithness based artist Joanne B Kaar  via the Spinning a Yarn project through Spring Fling Open Studio project (2013)



within my work’s roost: Nordland Publishing (since Dec 2015) as a poet & writer … And further with Norway, 


 through NYBAKK as photographer in for the floating museum.



Redbubble (Photographers & Artists’ community)

With Florida-based Vagabondage Press through the Battered Suitcase 

Poemata Magazine, Canada, with former Canadian Poetry Association (CPA) President Donna Allard, as co-Editor (2008-10) 

Broken Jaw Press  2012, New Brunswick, Canada

The Global Twitter Community Poetry Project curated by Michelle Vinci in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

 with Australia’s Lissa Kathe, as co-founder & lyricist for the collaborative Garden2Garden Project  (2008) 


 With Benoit Bordeleau from La Traversée, Atelier québéquois de Géopoétique  via Twitter, Hoche’élague and Victoria Welby‘s Dérives (2012, ongoing)

Polishing small stones at global level with Fiona Robyn & Kaspalita Thomson through A BLACKBIRD SINGS  Writing Our Way Home (2012)


 James MackenzieArt as part of collaborative work for ArtiPeeps‘ Christmas Project (2012) – poetry & visual art, as  well as collaborating with Lili Morgan and to Transformationsthe ambitious re-writing of Ovid’s Metamorphoses – big project!

THE NINE REALMS‘ Project (2014-15) within ARTIPEEPS, where we nine realms8mingled with Viking Gods and Mythology. Fab collaboration with fellow poets & writers, artists, both visual and musical.


  1. Anna Hawthorne

    Hi Nat, would like to connect with you again, talk about artist residency programs on Shetland.. working on ideas concerning extinction of birds, have drawings~paintings to share. ( we met via World Poetry while ago ). Cheers! Anna

    • Hi Anna, we could certainly do that… Though ShetlandArts agency is the expert on artist residency :). But we can definitely connect, Anna. You on FB? 🙂 N

      • Anna Hawthorne

        Nay, not on FB… am just now writing to Sumburgh Head Lighthouse inquiriing there, however kindly do suggest other connectives.. most welcomed! Cheerio..Anna

      • Great idea to contact Sumburgh Head Lighthouse, RSPB Helen and Lynne (Warden) will help you greatly as well re. bird extinction, come think of it 🙂

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