20140213-225643.jpg Have you noticed? Our garden birds have begun to serenade around us. Light is gradually returning to our northern latitudes (and in between two storms) we feel our hearts beating.
Last January, my local newspaper, The Shetland Times, commissioned a first poem that was to be tied with Valentine’s Day. A love poem. So I took my best fountain pen and let my heart speak in free style.

Six days later, a reader approaches me at Mareel to share her reactions – her face radiated with heartfelt warmth. In a 21st world dominated by so much austerity (dare I say nearly Cromwellian style) I am pleased to feel love still reaches out to people 🙂

Allons, parlons d’amour…

Here it is,

Early Buds

Tell me the world wakes
from thin ice,
look of
love inside
our stars,
Altair, Aquila & Lyra –
Venus in silky cyan blue.
From night to light,
I watch you dream from my garden.
Inside February’s coldness
hide early buds;
Listen for blackbird at sunrise;
as our sun warms pink horizon,
I feel your heart inside my shirt –
your will to join in dawn
chorus beyond
stone walls,
Now, look closer.
All around rose hips have spoken –
scarlet heart shapes from
our gardens,
still left
Feel it.
It is hiding,

© Nat Hall 2014

With grateful thanks to the Shetland Times for such commission. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow

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