‘Centaurs and Rumours’ Whisper 2/5: Transformations Poems (Book 12)

From the Transformations’ Project, within ArtiPeeps – Book 12 – Caenis



George Braque Metamorphoses

February 2013-March 2014

17 poets, 15 months, creating 1 contemporary reworking of Ovid’s Metamorphoses

See the Transformations Page for more details or the ‘Present Collaborations’ Tab


Poems Inspired by Book 12


Nat Hall and Rebecca Audra Smith



by Nat Hall


from rosebud to bloodshed,
from jewel to sharp blade
from honey to stallion;

from pure silk to armour
from loose hair to cold blood
from needle to honour –

from pomegranate to fire,
from morning dew to tasteless dust
from peau de pêche to leather skin,

one young nymph wished for
shameless spear,
as token from


by Rebecca Audra Smith


A man becomes a mountain-
half man, the men, half horse-
decry Caeneus, tell him-
get back to the womanly occupations
your hands remember.

When he will not, they strip
a mountainside of its trees
uproot a forest.


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