fly (in memoriam, Megan Boyd)

Enchanted by the magic of Eric Steel‘s movie-documentary, KISS THE WATER, last Wednesday night at “Mareel”, my local Arts’ Centre in Lerwick, my pen took to paper, as soon as I reached home. I could not helped but delving again in the mystic of the river, the intricacy & dexterity of Megan Boyd‘s work, as well as the many smiles generated by her whimsical gift. This extraordinary lady lead her whole life on her own terms. To that interest, I found an eloquent obituary (2001) in the NY Times as a mark of deep respect.

So equally respectfully, I let you discover “fly”, as inspired by Eric Steel & his cast & crew who immortalised this woman’s work, but also life & legacy.


in memoriam, Megan Boyd

Under dark water,

blue floss,

girl’s world wrapped up
around metal –

Black ostrich herl,
yellow seal’s

shapes, materials, lengths and
sizes, artist’s matter…

blue goose,
brown turkey with
deep bronze

learn to feel a Highland river –

its many miles of meanders
in the name of the fly,
fathoms and

jungle cock,
golden pheasant crest…
(head, black)

inside her shed,
she tied the avian kingdom to
the sea.

© Nat Hall 2014


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