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beautiful (#wearewoman) 1

common-mouse-ear I love common mouse ear, and so much so it embodies beauty a lot of us take for granted.

We are woman, and we are beautiful.

Yesterday, my heart marched in the streets of New York, Lerwick, Bergen, Edinburgh, Oslo, Lisbon, Paris, Philadelphia – wherever women marched along with those who love, treasure, respect them. And they were joined by a whole spirit, the one that says and reminds all that America and the free world make one.

To celebrate that spirit, fire that shines deep inside us, I will celebrate our womanhood, the way we love, look at the world and smile; and hashtag it in the title of every post.

Many women have touched my heart throughout my life journey. Let them be now known to the world. Some so famous, others, unknown.

I will begin with Victoria, the one who smiled and touched my heart – a station nurse working for USAID, based in NYC, NY, USA.  Tremendously spirited, so aware of the ills from far less privileged regions from our world, and investing herself in her duties and people in her care – she, humble, unknown American ambassador of the world’s bastion of freedom and democracy . I am in awe of her beauty inside-out.

peerie-mouse-new-fringe I am so proud of you, Peerie Mouse 🙂

For you, my tiger, in my own words, as a poet and a woman, and wish you well on your forthcoming tour, from my island to your island.


I already chiselled your name on

every train you take and

back –

on every door yet to

open, on every


footbridge and rope that

suspends us in between now and

the river that divides

blocks and



galvanised world

where I wonder how Venus shines; and

imagine the big apple,

towering world

made of


compressed sand grains…



flower of chaos,

that little big bang from your heart.


© Nat Hall 2017




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friday afternoon’s verse, away from the material, “artificial” world that agitates striped black or grey suited people, locked in a tower of greed, blinded by glittering obsessions.

It is on the topic of difference & inclusion.

You, Little Albino Sparrow

Look at yourself among the crowd,

you don’t quite mingle with

the rest.

Always on the edge of the shrubs,

in-and-out like

an intruder,

whilst your kind feasts

in oblivion.

And yet you shine in your own way:

majestic crown of snow 

bunting, you stand

out wherever

you land –


if you’re not quite

a captain,




you’re a sparrow,




light years away from the humdrum.

I’ve watched you feed

hours on end,

don’t be



stand your ground,

you have your place among my trees.

© Nat Hall 2015



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