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sumburgh lightI did not know what to expect.

Extreme Light North based at my favourite headland, Sumburgh Head, and so very aptly at my favourite lighthouse, where a troupe, led by Clare Duffy, has a very precise project.

Performance art instigated at Shetland level by our Shetland Library Reading Champion, playwright & artiste extraordinaire, Jacqui Clark – in which light is celebrated in collaboration with Clare Duffy & her troupe.
On the 18th night of the eight’s month, selected reading of Compass Head were broadcasted to the world via the internet, whilst being recorded in the intimacy of the stone wall with a mic in a cranny…

On a more personal note, Sumburgh Head has a very special place in my heart. The most southerly headland from da Auld Rock, the place where I twice worked as an Assistant Warden for the RSPB in the early 2000s, a place I celebrate as a poet, and share with the rest of the world. A place associated with dreams and adventures. And when I think adventures, RLS springs to my mind like a boomerang. After all, his grandfather has left luminous prints with his family of lighthouse builders! So all in all, it felt a pretty funky night to the wildest audience! Open air poetry reading… Both ethereal and  fab fun!

jacquis balloon writing 18 june 2016

Jacqui Clark & her balloon adventure

With gracious thanks to Jacqui Clark and Lucy for nurturing me at such event.

poet and Lucy

with Lucy from the Extreme Light Project, 18 August 2018

Local actors are preparing with Clare Duffy’s troupe for a very special event. There is an upcoming art performance on the 28 August at Sumburgh Head. Grab a ticket and come along.

It is truly a unique experience and Project in full osmosis 🙂


Sumburgh Head, 18 Aug 2016.


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The buildings, impressive – the view, so unforgettable.

Mariners’ life saviours,
towers of light.

Sumburgh Head, a grand father’s concept, architectural wonder – a grandson’s dream playground… The Stevensons, whose name breathes through headlands, skerries and battered rocks, have left a mark through times.

You must reach it out on foot to deserve Sumburgh Head.
You may feel a complete adventurer. At each level, North Sea & Atlantic offer different treasures.
I still remember my first time.
Each breath weighs its own gold.

It attracts a whole world. Sailors, nature lovers, historians or poets, on the trail to pleasure.
In the eyes of the wanderer, it is a magnet painted white surrounded by deep blue, jade or titanium grey… All depends on the sky.

Today, I walked through my own steps, always uphill to reach its top – marvelled one more time at the view, retraced steps of old light keepers in between boilers & fog horn… Pointed my spyglass to known wings, immaculate crests of ocean, and felt at one with the island.

It even holds new gems, with a brand new visitor centre, where folk of all ages will gaze at such technological wonder, as well as its environment. The jewel in the crown will take your breath away.
And if you are curious, just click at the link for sumburghhead.com for your own induction.
It is scheduled to open doors on 2 May 2014.

No doubt visitors will love it.

And if the Northern Lighthouse Board still own those towering beacons, Sumburgh Light, the first of our islands’ towers perched at the very southern end, built in 1821 by no other by RLS’s granddad, stands proud on this headland.







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