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With the Vernal Equinox, that sense of joy and revival, as Mother Earth awakes and grows deep in her bounty and belly, comes an invitation to create, celebrate, as today, Wednesday 21st of the third month, was chosen as our World Poetry Day. 

The chance to reconnect with ourselves as Mother Earth’s children, and allow creativity to flow like sap inside our souls.

It is exactly what happened this morning during Period 3 in the classroom with Fourth Year pupils who wished to practise their own creative writing skills through poetry. 

They asked me for the first theme, whilst they picked the second.

They sat down inside our world, and, with a few words of guidance, began to write their poetics. Not only happy to hint them into using their own senses, they asked me, the poet, to write my own.

Theme 1

The Rain

It drips and clops like

a metronome against time,

Clop, clop, clop, clop… 

that sense of Spring past Equinox, as they lash into their 

trillions, clones,

cold water unleashed from clouds;

aborted, unborn icicles,

unwanted so late inside March.

I hear them crash against windows, on every corner of

meadows, and feel them

drop inside the

warmth of my collar, as 

morning vanishes in



Theme 2: 

The Beach

There isn’t a pebble in sight,


polished by angry tides, 

riptides and rollers 

rolled in wrath

a jealous moon pulled & twisted.

But there are prints from

our own past, 

hundred of footprints in white sand

a gale will blow, obliterate through

hands of time, like

a school slate wiped by a child,

timetables & mathematics in

an attempt to unwind 

NH 2018


Now your turn to be creative and celebrate the spoken word on this fine day! 🙂 



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more than a hope, a miracle!

Woke up in rain, and went to school as a normal end of a week… And as I sat by the window, clouds broke at the exact moment! So we witnessed a spectacle of moon & sun at the end of the first period, Social Subject… The atmosphere was electric.

Pupils & staff from the AHS witnessed something really special behind windows filled with salt spray!

98% of eclipse.   It darkened up for a short while 🙂 

And now, just business as normal.

Welcome to spring, everybody – eclipse & Vernal Equinox… What a doublé 🙂

What a magic celestial show! 

Tour de Force

I did not want to believe it.


tossed a sky doomed

with dark clouds

tangled in 

rain &




sweet twist of fate,


we wander 

inside a game of

moon & sun,



filled with 

fowl spitting waterworld, air

charged with sun-kissed particles

glued against panes,

buds of ocean

to remind us

where we




quiet round

Bressay Sound –

sparrows and gulls

silenced by


might of





against night,




© Nat Hall 2015 

——— Lerwick, 20 March 2015,

Day of solar eclipse & Equinox 🙂  

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