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poets in arms

auld enemies 1They came, they shared, they went…

Let’s re-phrase.

They came, they spoke, we shared, they went… We are now connected.

Visiting poets on our home turf – Mareel, Lerwick, Shetland for a few hours – met with familiar faces, thanks to Shetland Art’s Literature Development Officer, Donald Anderson. On a particular trail, that of “Auld Enemies“, the brainchild of Steven J Fowler and Ryan Van Winkle, who notably brought along Colin Herd and Ross Sutherland in the Green Room where a few dared to step for an hour of poetry. Their six date tour around Scotland – taking in Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Lerwick, and Kirkwall – concluded in London.

So we, the featured Shetland poets, L.J. Friedlander, D.S. Murray, J.A, Sinclair and I, joined our visiting poets in some battles of the spoken word before we ceased fire, chatted and smiled. Unique, electric, unusual & memorable event which enabled us to share in a different format, and, for James & I to actually write together for the first time since we have been united by literature. My thanks go to Steven and Ryan for providing such an opportunity. With very best wishes for the upcoming Auld Enemies – Ireland!!! 🙂

auld enemies 2014  friedlander auld enemies Murrayauld enemies hall + sinclairauld enemies 2014 herd + fowlerauld enemies sutherland + van wrinkle

Auld Enemies, Shetland 2014 - Photo courtesy of Steven J Fowler

Auld Enemies, Shetland 2014 – Photo courtesy of Steven J Fowler

What a trek! Before they came to us, they had pit-stopped in Aberdeen, where they blended with other familiar faces & voices, including those of Catriona McLeod and Haworth Hodgkinson – then they stayed a couple of days, to ensure Mr Melville was okay again – and then they joined in other familiar faces in Kirkwall, notably including Pam Beasant.

My thanks go to Steven and Ryan for providing such an opportunity, as well as to Donald Anderson & Shetland Arts for making it happen on our latitude.

With very best wishes for the upcoming Yes But Are We Enemies? -an Irish Enemies Project

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stop press

new project on starboard! 

I love collaborations – this is not new. My current involvement with ArtiPeeps is now firmly anchored, as well as deeply-rooted in my heart. Collaborating with poets, artisans, artists, musicians… Creative connections remain so precious.

Now, this evening, I learnt of the enemies project, brainchild of poet- multi-creative magicien Steven Fowler, with whom I am looking forward to work. 

In a nutshell,

The Auld Enemies tour is cross nation exploration of collaboration in contemporary poetry that will take place in venues across Scotland and the England in July this year. Six poets will collaborate in pairs to write new works for each reading, which, pivotally, will also feature poets who reside locally writing their own original collaborative works in their very own pairs. Both the touring poets and those local to the reading will come together for one evening, all in pairs, to premiering new works in Shetland on July 14th 2014.

Steven to pair me with a poet. 

Camarades, we shall become – this should be a fab new, fun and uncharted adventure to write.

With renewed thanks to Donald at Shetland Arts for connecting us today! 

Image poison, what poison? Image

Mine is… poetry

(apart from chocolate, Kate Bush’s music and birdsong!)

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