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and from canada


thank you for a great, eloquent book review, Arts East 🙂

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in passing

band name on drum e- Not miles, but metres separate Mareel from the Hay’s Dock CafĂ©.

What a better way to enjoy a blustery Sunday afternoon but with friends and good live music?

Such was my treat earlier on this afternoon, as Debbie and I reconvened to meet with Dorothy and The Donald Anderson Band inside the Shetland Museum’s  lavish & gourmet restaurant. The boys had decided to make it their venue for a splash of performance whilst raising funds for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). So they plugged in their guitars and lashed on with style and flair.

This was the second time I actually watched the band live. Donald’s songwriting talent is maturing like a fine malt. On the road as a quartet since 2005, our four accomplished musicians delighted a crowd of connoisseurs ( who came to sample music as  well as gastronomy!) Donald, Duncan, Alan and Rick feel as filskit (energetic) live as a gang of teenagers. Though very refined and polished musically 🙂

Here, in passing – do not miss them out should you cross their path!


RN [B&W] e-

Rick Nickerson (NS, Canada)

ALAN [B&W] e-

Alan McKay (Shetland)

in full swing

in full swing

Donald Anderson

Donald Anderson

drummer [B&W] e-

Duncan Kidson (N Yorks)

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poet’s voice

Donna in her own voice


listen to the the Canadian side, in her own words, thanks to soundcloud.

Her side of the shore for you to enjoy. I still remember each line, as an earthly communion with each gentle leaping of tiny waves on the sand. Now it is recorded for posterity. Thank you, D, for such a gift 🙂Shoormal_cvr_s

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first images

IMGP9693 first images, first draft from scrapbook

enjoy – we did,

pupitre mareel screen 2

inside a “more than fullhouse” – it was amazing, and we, co-authors and publisher, would like to thank everyone who could manage to sit inside Screen 2, as well as our hosts, Shetland Arts & Joe’s grant provider, for allowing us to launch “From Shore to Shoormal / D’un rivage Ă  l’autre” on Sun 1 Sep 2013. Written by two voices, read by two voices from either side of Atlantic… Our audience enjoyed the spoken word, music and images blown up on the cinema screen. We were graced by great guest readers – Marsali Taylor, Joe Blades & Christian Tait. Steve Davidson & Aland McKay provided enchanted music.

THANK YOU EVERYONE – having you was a joy, as well as a memory I shall treasure forever. Merci.

With renewed thanks to my young photographer, Craig Meheut, who provided all the scrapbook images. Merci, mon cher photographe ;-)The trans-Atlantic adventure continues. What a fabulous celebration it was! More to come. WATCH THIS SPACE!


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double bill of book launch

Not only can I not really believe that Joe Blades, my Canadian publisher, is landing at Sumburgh (LSI) this Tuesday, but this coming week will include a double bill of book launch,
starting this Thursday with


and then with


Both events are free, however, both are also ticketed by Shetland Arts,
so do grab a mug/glass fae da Café & your ticket(s) fae da Shetland Box Office.

We shall be thrilled to have your company on both events 🙂

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wordplay 2013 – your invitation

wordplay image 2013wordplay – full programme

We’re on – check out page 7.

There will be readings from Marsali Taylor, Christian Tait, Nat Hall and Joe Blades & music from Steve Davidson & Alan MacKay. The event is free…

But get your ticket at the Shetland Box Office either in person or online,

do come & join us!


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it’s at Mareel, it’s at Wordplay 2013 and it’s glowing!

Shoormal_cvr_s Book launch sorted / Lancement du Livre = organisé!

Wordplay 2013: watch this space for the link! 

Venue/OĂą: Mareel, Lerwick, Shetland, UK
Date: Sunday/Dimanche 1 Sep 2013
Time/Heure: 1230 UTC

Canadian voice/voix canadienne: Joe Blades, BJP publisher & poet/poète et Editeur de BJP, in for/ en l’absence de D Allard, busy last May with Canadian Launch (see link below) / alors occupĂ©e Ă  lancer le livre de son cĂ´tĂ© de l’Atlantique! (voir le lien ci-dessous)

Broken Jaw Press Blog

Books – From Shore to Shoormal & Joe Blades’ all available for sale at Mareel & Book signing in the foyer after the event.
Livres disponibles en vente le jour du lancement avec dédicace.

Free admission , though ticketed. You can book your ticket at the Shetland Arts Box Office either in person or online  in due time 🙂

EntrĂ©e gratuite, mais avec ticket. Se le procurer en personne au Centre d’Art Mareel / en ligne. Lien Ă  ajouter aussitĂ´t que possible!

We are delighted that Joe Blades can travel to Shetland this September for the book launch at Wordplay, Shetland’s Book Festival, thanks to a grant award from and, Shetland Arts, of course.


Nous nous rĂ©jouissons de la venue de Joe Blades au lancement du livre Ă  Lerwick lors du Festival du Livre “Wordplay 2013”, grâce  au soutien financier de et bien sĂ»r, Ă  Shetland Arts.

Let there be poetics from both sides on the Atlantic!

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