Already the sun has begun to rise higher at its zenith.
To celebrate its return, men have built long boats to immolate out in a gale from winter’s depth. Whereas Scalloway opens a season of fire torching,  and merriment inside halls, the island’s (modern) capital will attract crowds local and global on the final Tuesday of this month. 


Winter will die out by fire. Like cosmic laws on the island, we brave the rawness of the ice that grips the Auld Rock to the core – from Saxa Vord to Compass Head… As snow covers heather and shore, and swans gather on frozen lochs.

    And every trip defies the light in icicles.
Dawn starts earlier, 

Crystal purple before sunrise. 

It feels magic when this sky speaks in such colour. By the time I go home, light still lingers behind curtains… With it comes sly thin layer of black ice that seek your feet every morning.

Winter feels harsh on us, dwellers of the north. Yet I find solace in the thought that February welcomes Imbolc – the early signs of Earth’s Spring – in spite of struggle with more ice. 

Winter possesses so many claws it defies those of the dragon. Soon the sun will revive our hearts as it continues to rise higher in our sky. 

In the meantime, we shall raise our eyes to torches, it is written in every bay. 🙂 



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9 responses to “winter

  1. We move ever so slowly towards the light.
    That dragon head image: reminds me of a film that I saw recently, Ragnorak. Sofia Helin is in it, I love her in The Bridge.

    • Here, from 60N, that “lightening up” process begins to be markedly felt – from 5 to nearly 10 degree solar elevation – and Lerwick’s Up-Helly-Aa Fire festival remains one of its first milestone.
      Now, I don’t know that film, but will have a look into it 🙂

  2. The image of fire and ice is a potent one in the north. GRR knew a good metaphor when he saw one 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on Jane Dougherty Writes and commented:
    Simply gorgeous.

  4. Beautiful description of our winter dissolving towards Spring

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