Jul, Yule

     There is magic around every solstice & equinox. 

This year’s winter solstice is no different. I must thank my angels. On this occasion, he has a very earthly name, as Andy, for opening an unexpected door…

Andy is better known in WordPress as City Jackdaw. A fine poet, the  writer and fellow blogger, he is also an author & a friend.

Andy, THANK YOU ☺️ 

My poetry has now a home. Nordicblackbird has found her roost.

How magical and somewhat surreal to know a friendship struck in such way would lead to be united & bound by a same publishing house.

I feel ever so humble. 

What a wonderful Yule present 🙂

My forthcoming break (starting tomorrow afternoon) is all sorted out: that first manuscript will reach the Norwegian capital! 


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5 responses to “Jul, Yule

  1. I am so pleased-I have been waiting to hear how you went on. Jackdaw welcomes Blackbird into the flock. May your words fly far and wide 🙂

    • THANK YOU, dear friend!!! I feel so humble. Have started my initial manuscript, expected by Nordland by the end of this month. Am so chuffed about it all 🙂 Blackbird & Jackdaw share that same roosting place 😉 X

      • You are more than welcome. As a follower of your blog, you immediately came to mind when considering the Songs Of The North series. Your writing is just what Nordland is looking for. These are exciting times, I’m glad to be a part too! And what a great way to close the year for you x

      • ☺️ Yes, very exciting times ahead indeed, and, yes!!! What a wondrous way to end 2015. Just magic!!!

      • I wanted also to return the favour: you helped me out some months earlier. I wanted to be sure that I had the right idea (or was at least on the right tracks) about Geopoetics, as I talk of this in the foreword of my book, and so sought out your help in clarifying things. I look forward to seeing your take now on the north, as a fellow SOTN poet. Three interpretations-I can’t wait to add your book to my collection. If you are like me, you will want it publishing like tomorrow! Anyway, speaking of time, I’m going to bed now, the shortest day and all that 🙂 Congratulations once again x

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