My flair served me right once more. To dull Saturday afternoon, I felt compelled to find out how the world’s cartographers, marine charters and surveyors – from the Antiquities to the past century – looked at this corner of the realm.
Thule, no longer a mystery.



Through centuries & millennia, mariners have relied to hydrographic charters for navigation, and search for safe passages.

  I love the way those surveyors shaped the islands, and even if wars stimulated needs of monarchs – or politicians & merchants – the Dutch remained rhe champions of all marine charters! 

And for those of you, lucky enough to visit my local museum in Letwick, Da Gadderie celebrates the life & work of James Robertson, the Shetlander who mapped Jamaica.

What a fabulous insight into the world of maps


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6 responses to “mapped

  1. I love old maps. Have you read Old Ways by Robert MacFarlane? It discusses the sea roads in great detail.

  2. There are few things more absorbing than an old map. Great post!

    • Thanks, Jane! Yes, you right about that… Maps are fantastic storytellers 🙂 my first exciting map was that from “Treasure Island”, I was eight. And then the world began to unfold. 🙂

      • Mine was a reproduction of a seventeenth century map of the area in Yorkshire where I grew up. It was poring over the place names with their odd spellings that I realised how much Yorkshire owed to the Norsemen.

  3. Great images Nat! Maps are crucial. Warm wishes, Nicky

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