IMG_0799Not an occupational hazard, but a marvellous world, where we, poets, writers and artists, mingle and collaborate to bring alive our heritage.

This weekend, somewhere in Norfolk, at King’s Lynn Hanse House, a multi-disciplinary collaborative project – entitled The Nine Realms – is celebrating the Viking world. It is the fruit from a wonderful tree, curated and nurtured by Nicky Mortlock c/o ArtiPeeps. It has brought together a long boat load of writers and artists, as well as a boat (head) carver and Millfield School – younglings, who have been participating to the project in their own words.

Two links here, should you wish to acquire a copy of The Nine Realms’ Poetry Book, and or The Nine Realms’ School Book. Now, and if you are lucky enough to visit Norfolk – King’s Lynn this weekend and/or Norwich Library – where there will be poetry read by the poets present there on Monday – please do go along and leave your prints in the guest book! I, the poet based on my 60N latitude, am here in spirit.

“Vikings Ahoy!”, Nicky and all!

Have a marvellous time, everyone!

nine realms8



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5 responses to “viking

  1. This has been a wonderful project! i wish everyone involved the best of luck.

  2. It was a wonderful experience. I did about 70 readings over the two and a bit days and tried to do your words justice, especially Legend – a favourite. The combination of the music, art and our poetry was seamless. I am no expert on the logistics but it would be perfect to bring to your back yard.

    • Thank you, thank you so very kindly, my friend 🙂

    • Oh, Jim, how I would love to share that experience. Nicky, Gill, Robert and Jamie shared images, thoughts & footage, which brought it to my virtual realm… They made a fab job of it. My grateful thanks to all. However, not quite the same . Thank you for being one of my “voices”. 🙂 Really hope we meet some time. In addition, to have The Nine Realms in my Viking corner of the UK would be amazing 🙂

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