Five Photos, Five Stories – Day 4

Kate Bush is fore and foremost a poet, who clads her poetics with equally ingenious melodies in order to create unique music. …A source of inspiration for so many 🙂

For my fourth offering, I chose Kate’s sleeve from Eat The Music, which, in turn, inspired the following piece, itself entitled la grenade / Pomegranate (one fruit I used to eat fresh from the tree in Provence, and mentioned by Kate in her song Eat The Music 

It is in mirror, French & English 🙂

 La grenade

Je vais te croquer,
avec mes




mes mains;

à cœur ouvert sur

papier mat – à la pointe de

mes fusains, 

là où le regard 

s’accentue pour mieux capturer ton dessein,

toutes tes courbes rouges


toute ta chair 

et tes

et toute féline que 

tu es, 

je t’arrondirai 

à la craie,
fleurs du désir entre tes graines,
te peaufinerai d’encres 

vermeilles, pour 




So cute enough to sketch, 

              so cute enough to eat
with my eyes,

lips and


open-hearted on

mat paper on the tip of finest charcoal,

where your eyes sharpen destiny,

shiny red shapes,

your sensual

flesh and


and as feline as

you can be,

I will 

increase your curves

with chalk;
Flowers of desire hidden 

inside your seeds,
I will add on

final touches with scarlet

inks to satisfy my


© Nat Hall 2015 



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5 responses to “Five Photos, Five Stories – Day 4

  1. I’d say you wrote that one in French. I wish I had your mastery of the language.

  2. She’s my long time muse great choice definitely a poet and so much more

    • Then, we share the pomegranate 😉

      • Indeed. I often wondered why gay women such as myself never tapped into KB more likely Tori Amos, maybe it’s a generational thing? Either way, sexuality and gender aside, she’s a fluid beast of creativity transcending interpretation, how often can that be said of any artist? Some of her latest work I can appreciate without actually ‘liking’ have you heard her recent live LP? Very worthy, though I cannot wait until the concert is released to watch alongside it.

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