That bridge of sand at St Ninian knows so many prints of our feet. Human or not, we tread its length in and out, trace & retrace like sand weavers…

The other day, I took a friend after lunchtime. The sky was right, and we fancied to share our marks with sand and shells, light… Atlantic. 

So we walked it, came heart to heart with waterline… Reflected with clouds in mirror – smiled at the sun & sea of jade.

And if we felt alone on this vast expanse of freedom, our journey back to the mainland was crowned with a fabulous encounter in the form of two Arctic Skuas that came to add their prints to ours. My friend spotted them first from the distance. She knew my heart would pounce, and lens would wish to immortalise them. So I approached them with caution, and deep respect.

What a moment. Eye to eye with their majesty – heart to heart with our world. Such earthly encounter.

Their tolerance allowed a couple of shots before they decided to leave the sand for a moment… At every opportunity, such meeting feels a privilege, so natural and whimsical.

I still feel grateful to my friend for pointing me out to such moment.

And as we continued to imprint that fabulous sand bar, other wings on passage ennobled our afternoon, in the form of our swallows of the sea, locally known as tirricks, or Arctic Terns, those phenomenal travellers that come to grace our skies every summer. 

How I love this point of passage.


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5 responses to “passage

  1. Never made it as far as Shetland, but I do love Orkney. I saw Arctic Skuas there-the great Sky Pirates.

    • Fantastic, Andy. Orkney is Shetland’s “sister archipelago”, though very different – chuffed you saw Arctic Skuas there 🙂

      • Yes, birds, landscape, ocean, history, I love the place. Tried to get my Mrs to move there. Even told her there was an Indian restaurant in Kirkwall. She was having none of it! I have to confine myself to occasional visits. And read Mackey Brown when I’m not there. One day I shall set out to give Shetland a go.

      • Argh, island life is island life… There’s so much more to the Northern Isles than we think… Let me know when you want to leap up to Shetland.

      • I will do. It will probably be some time, but it’s on the list 🙂

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