Here, where the North Atlantic & North Sea surround us, man feels so humble to each storm.

We are land mammals, adventurous, dare-devil to each wave. From the moment we dared to cross submerged land points to see and seek new territories, we had to yield to the moods of the waterworld.

And every time we step onto the deck of a watercraft, we have to make-do with the sea.




 There are unsung heroes everywhere. Men & women whose bravery defies the eye and elements.


 A visit to your local RNLI, or Lifeboat Station, awakes senses and reminds you of your home world.

Yesterday, a few hours spent with Brucie, John & two young recruits fully clad in yellow and red rekindled both my sense of place and respect for life, the sea and their courage.






  The vast majority of a lifeboat crew are volunteers who gives their time to save lives. They have a job, a family outside such duty. Our generosity keeps stations going. Their relentless efforts & perseverance in most treacherous conditions often feels remote to so many of us…

Please donate if you can to the RNLI.

They belong to this family of life savers, on the same pedestal as first aiders, the medical profession, coastguards, fire service & anyone involved in preserving human life. 

Thank you.



Thank you all for a memorable visit 🙂  



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2 responses to “Lifeboat

  1. Beautiful as always and very well said. The ocean is ever present here and the bravery of these guys is humbling.

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