Sur la terre des droits de l’homme

Fanaticism, brain washing, indoctrination and ignorance should have no place. And yet… A trio attempted to silence freedom of expression.
It’s like walking backwards… They think they can stop a concept with bullets. Correction: they created a movement of solidarity by spilling blood.
I can’t believe Cabu – who cartooned my every Wednesday afternoon as a teenager – fell among eleven other souls… I can’t come to terms with such act of barbarity in the first place.
Politics can backfire in so many different ways. Terrorism has so many faces.

Yet as one cannot stop terrorism, one cannot equally silence freedom of expression (unless dictatorship overrides democracy).


May the many pencils rise against tyranny – may the world unite


Monsieur Voltaire would embrace it.


All images courtesy of Charlie Hebdo Support Community

My sympathy goes to all the victims’ families, as well as to all those victim of intolerance, terrorism, fanaticism & oppression of any kind.

My greatest fear resides in the fact some people may be misled by some politicians and vote for even more dangerous political etiquettes… A few 20th century leaders who led their countries to annihilation were elected this way. They (such politicians) feed on this.
common people are not responsible for their government’s foreign & economic policies, as governments are governed in strange ways & obey rules of unreachable mercantile nature (the masses cannot reach) once politicians are elected… (When nations are granted such right to vote).

Democracy has long lost its primeval meaning. And it hurts.


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5 responses to “hurt

  1. Very well said! My sentiments exactly. I have a post on it here
    and a poem here
    It has been tragically cheering to see the support for Charlie, but I have been reduced to tears, not only by the tributes paid, but also by the hatred and lack of compassion I’ve read and witnessed. Thanks for adding another link in the chain of solidarity.

    • Many thanks for your words & links. The support for Charlie is increading everywhere and it is very good, as people begin to realise the importance of the situation. Will definitely explore them 🙂

      • I’ve just come back from a march through the centre of Bordeaux. Very moving mainly because at the end someone in the crowd shouted: Vive la libertĂ©! Vive la RĂ©publique! And the crowd burst into the Marseillaise. Then we got out our hankies.

      • It must have been very moving 🙂 Are you repeating it tomorrow? I read today in Le Monde that MLP (La blonde de Bretagne) called for her party’s partisans to march outside Paris, since her political etiquette was not invited in Paris…

      • She didn’t want to be invited. Apparently she got a very poor turn out and was booed. The march yesterday was magnificent. Enormous. Proud to be Bordelaise 🙂

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