poetry day 2014

It is today, so enjoy it! UK National Poetry Day IMG_6771.JPG

Mine is painted in pink & blue as observed from this morning’s luminous sunrise 🙂

Here, my humble stone to the edifice,
with a poem dedicated as a token of geopoetical friendship:

For Tanja M., host, friend and Lübeckerin


In Between Lübeck & Lerwick,
there is only a thin blue
forest of domes
in shades of green,
where bell towers echo
warm chimes,
red & black
brick – a bric-à-brac
lost inside time…
In between
Lübeck & Lerwick,
there are waterways as
painted iron brigs*,
our sense of place among
islands, miles of
cobbled streets where
footprints tattoo themselves
and find a home.
In between
Lübeck & Lerwick,
there are white sails rigged to
our hearts, wooden floors
polished out of dreams,
where we wander
in between
for a

* brigs = Shetlan word 4 bridges

© Nat Hall 2014



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