les visiteurs

 Come rain or shine, they come to perch around our trees; court, call, quarrel and congregate, they, socialising animals. Here, a trio of images to celebrate those delightful garden visitors. House sparrows, once a common sight all around the United Kingdom, still thrive on the edge of the realm. They flock to whiz around our homes – females always seem to arrive first at grain feeders… They sometimes flock in numbers up to 25 on alders’ tops. Here, a very devoted parent (male) with a bill full of flies 


“fly hunter” captured yesterday afternoon (3 May 2014)

ImageMr Robin favours a quiet time away from the crowd. Though elusive and so furtive, he perched and posed like a top model. He was heard here and there from March around fence posts… Always a delight to hear and watch.

Image Mrs Sparrow lit by an evening sun, as captured yesterday evening. Delight 🙂   

Surprisingly, starlings are not as visible as usual, with fewer numbers actually coming to perch or feed – even though it is the time of the breeding season, Sparrows appear to have topped the podium so far. No sign of wren either. I wonder if they too have fallen victim to last winter’s continuous stormy conditions…

Although chiffchaff was heard, am still waiting for other visitors, such as bramblings or siskins, to adorn the garden.

Let’s see  what those SE winds will bring this week 🙂


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