60N song

For the very first time in days, I woke to a very calm sky, as opposed to this winter’s madness of gales, that make you feel inside a washer’s tumbler in full spin… Such trivial detail counts so much for any northern islander who’s grown accustomed to particular weather the Atlantic has generated since last December.
My sunrise over the Bressay Sound looked so promising (as pictured above). Since 9 o’clock, the classroom’s window is ajar, as springlike Friday is shining.
Two senior pupils hard at work, as starlings fill blue sky.

This prompted me very short verse,

60N Song

Today I woke to
silent sky.

There’s nothing else to talk
but starlings
singing inside.sun,
incessant serenade tricksters
that click like Bushmen
in their tongue –
endless arguments from
proud gulls,
pale morning blue.

© Nat Hall 2014

All is serene on 60N 🙂


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