top oda world

my skydiver [graffiti]What better way to start off a brand new year but by feeling on top of the world?

This is exactly what I did yesterday, with Debbie and Mathew, as they turned sunset chasers for a day. We were fortunate enough to enjoy a relatively calm – though crisp – day (at sea level!) so they came back to my latitude to enjoy a mystery tour of my favourite local hill, Mossy Hill & The Ward of Scousburgh, to look at the year ahead in a wonderful 360 degree perspective. They had no idea where they were heading to…

Although I had hoped for a flamboyant sunset, the oncoming front swallowed the end of the first dying day of the new year. However, that dusky blue is unbeatable. We braved the breeze – we stood still for a while and marvelled at the Atlantic before us. Later, we pushed it to the edge of our known world to marvel at Ninian Sands clad in silver. Perfect start to 2014! 


my three images

winter style Shetland blue

winter style Shetland blue

shetland blue 1 Jan 2014

ninian in dusky blue 1 Jan 2014 e

Happy New Year to you all. May 2014 shine in your eyes and hearts every day 🙂


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