in passing

band name on drum e- Not miles, but metres separate Mareel from the Hay’s Dock Café.

What a better way to enjoy a blustery Sunday afternoon but with friends and good live music?

Such was my treat earlier on this afternoon, as Debbie and I reconvened to meet with Dorothy and The Donald Anderson Band inside the Shetland Museum’s  lavish & gourmet restaurant. The boys had decided to make it their venue for a splash of performance whilst raising funds for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). So they plugged in their guitars and lashed on with style and flair.

This was the second time I actually watched the band live. Donald’s songwriting talent is maturing like a fine malt. On the road as a quartet since 2005, our four accomplished musicians delighted a crowd of connoisseurs ( who came to sample music as  well as gastronomy!) Donald, Duncan, Alan and Rick feel as filskit (energetic) live as a gang of teenagers. Though very refined and polished musically 🙂

Here, in passing – do not miss them out should you cross their path!


RN [B&W] e-

Rick Nickerson (NS, Canada)

ALAN [B&W] e-

Alan McKay (Shetland)

in full swing

in full swing

Donald Anderson

Donald Anderson

drummer [B&W] e-

Duncan Kidson (N Yorks)


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