Sickle-shaped Saturday

20130728-130308.jpgNot Druids’ Day, but in the Saints’ Almanac, the 27 July celebrates anyone named after Nathalya (of Russian origin I was told…)
And what a day! Unplanned, and yet graced with magic moments, as the Twitter Timeline turned very “Wagnerian” from around noon.
Love my garden. From the back door, vistas range from Compass & Sumburgh Head to the SSW to the closer bays of Levenwick, Channerwick and Hoswick. Binoculars and telescope hang around, handy as de rigueur all year round, and more especially during summer. Anything can pop up from the sea and/the air!
Did I say “anything”? I usually check out any floating crafts… I guess it’s an Islander’s thing. But then…
Black sickle-shaped fins surfaced around a small red and white yacht. I was not dreaming! Through the telescope, they were circling the sailing vessel. Glued to the eyepiece, the iris relished the moment, as those magnificent cetaceans – Orcinus orca regaled both the occupants of the craft, the assembly of whale watchers, photographers & tourists who filled the lay-by in Levenwick and I, from the comfort of my vintage point just outside my kitchen door.
courtesy of fellow photographer, John Moncrieff – brother of Helen, friend & Shetland South Mainland Warden – who stood a little closer than I, captured two magical moments:

Moments I enjoyed through my Televid 🙂

With grateful thanks to “Crieffy” (as John is notably known on Twitter) who captured magic moments. John has his own FB page. Please go visit!

Sickle-shaped fins for female orcas (aka as “killer whales”) though those magnificent sea mammals do not feed on whales in this part of the world. Their main prey here being that of seals. Bulls have a longer and more vertical dorsal fin that can reach up to two meters.
Always impressive & magical creatures. SKY HOPPING ORCA – how we all envied those guys on the yacht! At least, this was the thought John & I shared via Twitter!

So sickle-shaped was Saturday.
As the afternoon progressed, sea watching continued from all around the nearby bays, as Atlantic White Sided Dolphins joined in the spectacle.


The telescope stayed on its vantage point, binoculars around my neck, but then, and in a harmonious manner, I also seized the moment to get da scythe out for a spot of gardening. With all that fog that comes to veil our northern world, the vegetal kingdom grows rather green and generous! So sickle-shaped things fashioned my Saturday.

With renewed thanks to my Twitter buddies, and more especially Hugh Harrop (Shetland Wildlife) for the initial orca alert and John Moncrieff, for sharing & supplying those magic orca images.

This day is tattooed in my heart forever, however often I marvel at the natural world 🙂


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