peerie bits for the scrapbook

Friday is special.

Here, on the island, it is also nicknamed “Shetland Times‘ Day. Our local newspaper – established in 1872 – spreads many words from many fields throughout not only our local community, but worldwide.

ST FRONT PAGE 15 MARCH 2013Today, its front page featured S(outh) M(ainland)U(p) H(elly) A(a)  Jarl Dale Smith pictured by friend & photographer Kevin Osborn. Fond memories from a very fine night at Hoswick Beach for the SMUHA procession & galley burning. Dragon Watch SMUHA 2013

What a fine night last Friday (8 March 2013) was. We assembled around Sunnanhamar and watched her burn atween da shoormal an da haaf. Wir toonships (villages) enjoyed three days of merriment 🙂

ST AND NS COVER 15 MARCH 2013 Now, Friday 15 March was equally enticing, as our Shetland Times’ Day produced a double bill of excellent reviews for From Shore to Shoormal – not only did the ST featured Marsali Taylor’s wonderful review, but this day also coincided with the release of the Voar Issue No.263 of the New Shetlander, in which its co-Editor, Laureen Johnson, featured her own review of the same verse collection. Double bill of pleasure for the poet 🙂


S2S Laureen Review [NS VOAR ISSUE 263]

S2S Marsali review picture [ST 15 MARCH 2013]Eloquence from both trilingual reviewers.

Very first peerie (small) bits for the scrapbook

that means the world to my creative work 🙂


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