ravens’ world & dancing sandmen

ninian 27 Jan 2013 e-Anyone acquainted with this Nordic shore will tell you how mystical an afternoon (or any time of day) can turn at a flick of the sun.   Whatever the season, our sky paints a Turner’s or a ravishing Van Gogh’s… It is no secret to the wanderer to wrap up well and hit the shore for the pure joy to find a place inside this world.

It is precisely what I did earlier on this Sunday. As light overrode rain, hail showers, I put my new keep warm & dry kit to the test and left my home with a great sense of joy. Far too long have I not set foot on my dear sandbridge. , my home from home, North Atlantic, salt, Arcania. I love the way rollers unveil blue, white or grey… Breezy does not seem too strong to define January. In between ebb and flow, long-tailed ducks and great northern divers (loons) paddle happily in the shoormal. Closer to the edge of sand, purple sandpipers & ringed plovers play mechanical… Classic image from this double stretch of wild waterline.

ravens world 2013 But as we look into the sand, more ethereal creatures defy eye and the lens. You may have heard of extraordinary tales from the edge of the world. Among dancing sandmenbrittle shells and windblown treasures, I came across dancing sandmen. Tiny beings with hearts of glass, en pas de deux in between gusts, staring at gigantic passers-by, they followed the mood of the wind. Unafraid of tides or ravens, they began to race without trace and disappear as they felt rain… I knew I entered Arcania. Titanium grey overrode blue. All around me, fulmar petrels flew in circles.  I long lost track of my sandmen, as I reached the small island. Clad in my padded coverall, I braced myself for a wild crossing back to the mainland, and met with a friendly dog walker. Ravens always point out to land. They are the messengers of change.  To me, they seem a good omen.

surfman 27 Jan 2013 e- Little did I know I would later find the  surfman on the other side of the isle. Astonishing sight in winter, as waves call men inside shallows… Pure fun I guess! I don’t believe for a minute he was in pursuits of selkies that usually rest on boulders. How brave of him to tame the wrath of January, as air pressure plummeted all day to diabolical levels! In any case, he quickly came back to shore… Is he dreaming of a selkie wife tonight? I leave this to your imagination 🙂

My Sunday belongs to the gales, amazing sights and ravens’ world.


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