world première: car cosy for 2013


We gathered in many places till this grand day – Lerwick’s Mareel Café & Shetland Library – as car yarners knitted their squares and spent hours sharing stories on selected themes… Last December, we even gathered at The Brae Youth Club for a special Open Day with the same gang & Parkour boys. That’s when we met da White Wife and some of the crew from NTS based in Shetland till Yule… Happy memories.

And yesterday came the big day: a WORLD PREMIÈRE – the world’s very first “car-cosy” assembled before the very eyes of Shetlanders & NTS crew! car yarners [1] NTS Ignition 12 Jan 2013Mareel hosted once more car yarners, Parkour boys, led by Chris Wright,  as well as a horde of car-enthusiasts of many kinds as part of NTS Ignition Open Day. The public were invited to take part in a myriad of activities and workshops  – ranging from radio car racing to creative writing on windscreen, via dance and parkour –  and what a successful day it proved to be. Folk flocked

in amazement, among others who came to enjoy a good film… In our Car Yarners’ corner, needles raced against time, hands assembled the beige coloured 50-stitch squares – Jacqui and Becky began to play with gooey spray on the very car that was waiting for a very special treatment! It felt a real beehive – the atmosphere was electric!

radio racing NTSIgnition 12 Jan 2013 e-

Roo and da Parkour gang NTS Ignition 12 Jan 2013

ignition project [1] e-

We lost track of time and stitches, as hours vanished without trace among smiles from the visitors and car yarners. Whereas Becky & Jacqui braved the wintry weather throughout the afternoon,  I manned the windscreen corner – yes, that great fun creative workshop at Jacqui’s request and meddled with bairns (kids) of all ages, who were far too happy to make their marks on the glass in a pictorial or wordy way. This alone proved a great success 🙂

creative writing on windscreen [1] NTS Ignition 12 Jan 2013

windscreen writing [3] NTS Ignition 12 Jan 2013

windscreen writing [4] NTS Ignition 12 Jan 2013

…On the other side of the great bay windows from Mareel,

car cosy [2] NTS Ignition 12 Jan 2013

car cosy [1] NTS Ignition 12 Jan 2013

car cosy [3] NTS Ignition 12 Jan 2013

Brave Becky and Jacqui defied the elements to clad the very vehicle with its first car-cosy till well after sunset. I hear they finished off today in a heck of a  gale… We do have Ignition in Shetland, and a great world première! 


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