venus & the crescent moon

tales from our sky

If you don’t look, you’ll never see. Saturday night and all is blue. Well, at least till dusk…

 The land is waterlogged. Peatlands,
 ditches, roadsides. That snow remains a memory. And from the roof of my marshy world, I felt water beyond the edge of hiking boots, as I walked around my hillside. In search of the first song of the skylark, I found some early visitors at its bottom: orange-billed, pied, beak inside earth, foraging hard in search of grubs hiding in mud… Yes, our dear shalders (oystercatchers) can dine in style! Saturday bathed in this springlike air and I could not resist making the most of such moment. The Lush fields around Spiggie (though waterlogged too) act as magnets for geese and farmland birds. And geese graze about everywhere! In a game of “catch me if you can”, ravens stayed high when they were not hopping around mangers among sheep. Common gulls made me grin from one to the other end of field edges. Shelducks , Red-breasted mergansers and Tufted ducks (now in their pairs) kept well at bay… Redshanks & Ringed plovers patrolled the loch’s edge. Whooper swans fed in their usual position (tail up) and large rafts of gulls and maalies … I later saw a Slavonian Grebe at the southern end of the loch. My Saturday sky filled with feathers against blue. 

I love the island in such light. 
raw, majestic, it shines through the eyes of deep space.
The sky speaks many tongues in a myriad of voices. It learnt to whisper and to shout… it cries and smiles without reasons. Today it unveiled the colours of late February.
And when you wonder to the shore, birds walk the length of ocean’s edge. 

And when we begged goodbye to the day, dusk settled its trillions of treasures. I love our sky at those moments. 

Blue, orange, indigo, crepuscular, and still so calm.

 And Venus shone left to the Moon.

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