Late night fun for new project

Nat Hall,

after the blog,
myspace, twitter… the blackbird now sings on

thanks to a pal, who posts as well and inspired.

The first two tracks were recorded just a little while ago, at a time when poetry was turned into sound. We were then experimenting with the spoken word as narrative inside a song when the words were not sung altogether…
Some never made it to the project. So they now have a new home and purpose. 
More will follow, as material fills folders. 

I still remember poet, editor and performer, John Hudson, telling me that my voice was my brand when performing poetry. There, you go, John – I have found a nouveau souffle through this platform. 

And I intend to have fun with it.

Have added the site in the “HOMEWORLDS” Section on the right hand side of the blog. 

And now to the kindred spirit who inspired,

You find him here:

Thank you, dear Al 🙂

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