Happy Birthday M/S Nybakk!

Nordic world connection reunited

Just over a year ago, I was introduced to my “West Norwegian Connection” whilst being invited on board M/S NYBAKK as part of a first celebration of Norway Liberation Day on 8 May 2010.

Budding friendship burgeoned and began to flourish over time, as we kept in touch and the ship’s return on our side of the North Sea promised to reinforce the bond we began to weave in 2010.

Such return coincided with the 50th Anniversary of M/S Nybakk’s Venners – the fishing boat being restored and used as a floating museum under the Nybakk family & friends – which graced the harbours of both Orcadian & Shetland shores. …Old (Viking) habits die hard! However, M/S Nybakk’s Venners also wished to use their boat as a symbol of renewed friendship between Måløy and Lerwick.

To this effect, open days were orchestrated on board the ship between 24 June till 1 July. A formal meal and official evening was also organised on the final day of June. M/S Nybakk’s Venners

Officials from the Shetland Islands Council, Shetland Museum, UHI Nordic Studies and Swan Trust were notably invited on board to carve that Nordic connection further in stone and a traditional dish of lytefisk (Ling) was served with great smiles. Toasts were exchanged throughout the evening. 

This reunion was very well celebrated through that gentle Simmerdim night… 

On the following day, Nybbakk’s skipper, Per Kåre Nybakk, was presented with the Shetland Crest by SIC Convener Sandy Cluness.  M/S Nybakk’s crew and Shetland friends were extremely proud of such honour.

To celebrate such achievement as well as our friendship, a BBQ was organised on 1 July night.
Norwegian & Shetland hospitality mirror one another. 

Another great feast was shared that night and such moments remain precious, for this friendship is cast in stone 🙂

See you again soon, Nybakk’s Venners! 
It was so good be re-united this year 🙂

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