wandering on the wild side

monday on the wild side

The island had temporarily eclipsed our sliding to da simmerdim (mid-summer) with gales, plummeting temperatures and freak showers… But then again, our world is resilient and it was with a certain delight a day out on the Westside of the island led us to many magical encounters. What a way to begin a brand new week! 

 our  world full of birds oystercatcher, redshank, lapwing, meadow pipit… Adult and young in a world filled with blue.

Arcania is teeming with life, as we wandered towards the edge of the west side. The more west we wandered, the more we found life on our way…

We met with Mark and shared a moment in the sun. My eyes riveted to the blue on either side of the horizon, and spoke of wild flowers encountered alongside embankments… marsh marigold, common butterwort, cuckoo flower…. A myriad of colours to welcome mid-summer in this nordic lushness.

And then, as we made our way back towards the 60th Parallel, I stopped and marveled at the evening sun beaming though leaves of a few trees – back-lit moment here, in our world. Time stopped as blackbirds filled silence with their song. What a grand way to end Monday! 



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2 responses to “wandering on the wild side

  1. The song of the Blackbirds is such a wonderful haunting memory for me, as it returns me to when I was a toddler and of lying in a hammock strung between the pear trees, with my father on a summers evening.

  2. Hmmm, yes, dear Sir Heron. I totally agree with you :-)Furthermore, that very same song also takes me back to this early childhood, as I was listening to it at sunset, perched by some slate roof.

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