long overdue

beyond aerial

Beltane done and dusted, now we are sliding to summer. Temperature do not appear to go higher, and yet, blue now stretches well beyond nine (p.m. GMT). Cloudscapes fashion in exquisite shapes without shame… The other night, I saw two hounds above my head playing in blue. Aerial dream, as blackbird began to share its elaborate recital. Summer has come to the island.

The more I look to ground level, the more colours and signs of life meet the iris. It’s like a hymn or an anthem the world wishes to share with us. Explosive red of the campion – intimate bath of a skylark… And when plovers act as vigils, we know nesting is taking place.  

That plethora of wild flowers begin to show: campion, sea pinks,  kidney vetch, bird’s foot trefoil, cuckoo flower… Spring squill, marsh marigold, primrose and common mouse ear to name a few. I think Van Gogh would have loved my boreal meadows after Beltane. The light may not be Provençal, however, colours dare to explode in cool blue!

Catching my shore in summer light remains a gift and priviledge. 

And when I look in the garden, my avian friends shine among daisies and bluebells, as they delight my Saturday morning!

There is no rest   inside the real world, since life demands precious moments to be counted inside world clocks…

Now tell that to the universe! 

…Even dandelions go grey and disperse ashes like remnants of a Phoenix… 



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4 responses to “long overdue

  1. Poétiques commentaires de ces magnifiques photos Nat! :-))

  2. how lovely to catch a skylark bathing! They're wonderful birds, I've been delighted to hear and occasionally see them in several places round Edinburgh recently.

  3. Oh,mille mercis, Genevieve :-)))Merci de suivre ces aventures nordiques sur ce blog! J'espère ne pas t'ennuyer trop rapidement!N x

  4. Oh, thank you kindly, Juliet :-)Yes, capturing that little fellow in such an intimate moment was a magic moment. Oh, you hear them too in Edinburgh? Wow! Toony skylarks, amazing!!!Here, we have them in surround sound!!! They're everywhere :-)))

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