edge of my world

walk to edge of a volcano

I love Northmavine. It’s wild, rugged, shaped by fire, time and tempests… Timed in granite, basalt and salt.

A trip to the Eshaness Peninsula, NW of the island, feels like a reunion with your true self. To stand to the edge of the cliffs, without fear of staring at the world with your heart wide open, reinstates your humility.

Eshaness is a magic place. There is no other word for it. It holds many secrets, dormant inside the many crystals molten rocks once solidified by a mystic jewel designer… On Beltane Eve (30 April), we came and found more than we thought.

We’ve always known of da peerie folk who roam at night and snatch fiddlers for reveling inside their homes deep inside earth… The miniature cast of the much more famous Scandinavian trolls, trows, as they’re known, only bring mischief around roads, crofts and our world. However, those supernatural creatures have their own Achilles heel: sunlight petrifies them at once and the faintest ray from our star turns them into rock… Now, I wonder.

Would you meet one in broad daylight… Freshly petrified… In full Viking dress?

Trows are not known to bear arms of any kind;  let alone guise like a Viking.
…Or  could a Norwegian cousin appear and join in merriment and forget fate just after dawn?

The plot thickens among the rocks!  

Northmavine, Eshaness, Stenness, land of magic & mystery!
…And on the very first of May, Beltane was spent among flowers!

...well away from da peerie folk!


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2 responses to “edge of my world

  1. Kay

    never heard of da peerie folk but they sound really interesting!

  2. Ha-ha, cheers, Kay! "da peerie folk", or trows, the shetland version of norwegian trolls… Amazing lore from the "Old Rock" :-))

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