in the name of our world

blue & white denomination

Winter far from over…

There, a few images from a wander around the southern edge of the island. So animistic in my heart. 

From my northern Atlantic edge… 
To fellow Pacific dwellers, I feel for you.
And light candles.

Namaste from 60N.


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2 responses to “in the name of our world

  1. Candles here too, Nat.and you still have a white world! Is it the last blast?We are heading into autumn again, the loveliest time of the year … fish, tomatoes, sweetcorn, the wind just dies away.

  2. We never know when the last blast is, Sarah… I still remembered last mid-April, when I had to explain that the white fluffy stuff was not volcanic ash but snow!!!Oh, do enjoy your boannie austral autumn and my the wind and ocean continue to be fair to you.We are entering Spring as I type ;-))Blissins fae 60N xx

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