One day on the island

extreme weather, extreme measure…

Since the island is clad in white, and drifting snow stranded us in its claws, the simple trek around my neck of the toonship turned out to be an adventure!
Sandwick at standstill in morning – our roads, invisible to the most experimented drivers, were clad in white and pink in mid-afternoon, as I walked towards our bake shop… 
What better way to move about in my Cadillacs of the snow? My new found friends, armed with crampons, keep me firmly among snowflakes! Inside thick snow, they prove a workout… But at least, I did not end on my backside! Today,  my first steps gained confidence. What better way to move around in such treacherous conditions?

As light came back in mid-morning, I discovered a strange ballet signed inside snow. Our feathered friends came to our door. …They might have peeped through the catflap for a quick look or check us out.

They might have looked for their breakfast.

Well, I shared my oats and leftovers with the garden during breaktime…
…And they came close.
Each morning brings a gang of wings,
avid to dig in and turn ice.
They know
around their patch…
And accustomed 
to feline eyes,
they learnt
to take-off
So luminous 
in winter
I christened them “my tinsel friends”.

Tomorrow will feel tropical
If weathermen aren’t mistaken, I shall leave snowshoes in my house, as a quick thaw is expected.
I love air streams… They come and go on the island; re-shape our heads without asking and bring
water in all its forms…
they said.
We shall see that at the bus stop!

So I bagged up my cadillacs and hid them deep in a cupboard!

 …Might not need them until next week!

In the meantime, I shall leave you with the sunset… 



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2 responses to “One day on the island

  1. Kay

    beautiful photos and sentiments. I truly believe winter is a time to forget the busyness of work and doing and spend time in reflection and indulgence! (whenever possible). I have spent our meager winter taking photos of is almost a zen like ritual for me! Have a great day

  2. Thank you kindly, Kay.Yes, I agree with you on such seasonal reflections. We share a very identical zen ritual!Have a great day too. 🙂

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