St Andrew’s Day from my bus window

Let me share with you today’s trek 

in blue & white…

my great trek north, N by NE 
Mousa emerges from nowhere clad in low clouds…
Now we approach Cunningsburgh;
and dream of sheep in nordic blue…
Back to Bressay and Noup of Noss.
Slush and ice stick to bus tyres and slowly find ourselves in
 Quarff –

time has become irrelevant…

a favourite sight in all seasons – wir local breed of horses!
Arrival in the capital,
school bells will have 
to be patient
Lerwck’s just like Edinburgh in miniature… It is hilly!
Now we’re just about 
to negociate 
the final roundabout, 
as we’re aiming 
to hit da Knab!
A reassuring building on our headland,
minutes away from our carpark for the reminder of the day.
If St Christopher remains the patron of us, travelers – St Andrew kept us from peril on this last of November.


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2 responses to “St Andrew’s Day from my bus window

  1. Thankyou for that little journey. I'm quite entranced by your recent pictures – from the Antipodes – it is another world indeed. Yesterday was so hot the nasturtiums melted against the fence. 40 C and then to go on a bus ride with you is just splendid and strange.

  2. Thank you for embarking on it, dear sailor friend! Oh, we are nearing to solstices – blizzarding here, as I type! Enjoying your soaring summer temperatures. Glad you enjoyed that antipodean trek :-))

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