first day of October
And the island is enduring Storm Force 10 as a wake-up call to the darkest of season…
Whereas September dazzled hearts with rainbows, October began in blueness.
But then, as wind awakes…

The following piece, written just over a year ago, describes this moment of earthly madness – as felt inside my very own nordic home! …As well as published by Pushing Out The Boat earlier on this year.


What do we do when the wind wakes?

Some take to bottle in despair, as if to gulp an illusion –
others tuck in deep in their yarns,
light wax towers,
hail to Mary,
holy gale,
hissing disguise
of earth disgust through wildest skies,
as heavens send their cavalry;

some wonder what it’s all about.

Floorboards tremble under our feet,
everything shakes all around us like a spinning washing machine –
birds fly like crabs in wild airflows,
won’t hang our shirts till next Wednesday….
Sunset looks like pale flamingos.

Others switch on marine forecasts.

I still remember fishermen who moor wisdom tight on bollards;
pride iced inside a blue fishbox, their living anchored to tight rope,
as water hits without hatred, jealousy, discrimination.

Will drown my fears in cullen skink,
    most of us grasp tongue of the storm.

© Nat Hall 2009



Filed under 60N, Arcania, island, poetry, verse

2 responses to “stormday

  1. Nat, I really enjoyed the images here; and the rhythm which changed as in the wind gusts.Particular favourite the fishermen verse.Which holds the gold at the end of the rainbow -Sandwick or Sumburgh?!

  2. Stormday's one of my favourites, Gordon :-)Many thanks for your comment, dar friend.Now, to your rainbow question – it is firmly Sandwick!!! …As much as I love Sumburgh 😉

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