spirit of the great sky

sun king
roi soleil

da muckle staar

and when we look at close level, I see rusty iris in meadows...

Searching for the spirit of the great heart under [Acania’s] sky…
Catching the atlantic sunset… From the tip of our hill, where we felt the mechanics of a greater world.
and remembered a peerie lass lost and fragile from a rainworld who was dreaming about that star, and how it looked…Like a flower, lemon, penny…
Sing me a song,
that taste of freedom
and lead the child to the vision,
as we wrap ourselves in crimson…
In my Arcanian dream,
I felt your warmth,
I saw it all.


Filed under 60N, Arcania, atlantic, colours, geopoetics, images, island

4 responses to “spirit of the great sky

  1. hugs Nat!…being: meaning Full and deep…to You!!

  2. What great sky displays … you live in a fantastic place.Remember you once promised me a poem in Shetlandic for Catapult to Mars?

  3. Hugs bouncing back to you, Doreen! :-)I like your horseshoes!!! Nat 🙂

  4. Thank you kindly, dear Gordon :-)oh, I never take it for granted, dear friend! Yes, this part of the world is fantastic!!! This bond with "the island" has grown so strong :-)))And, no, I have not forgotten. I have just been distracted since the summer.I shall post as soon as I can ;-)thanking you again for this!N

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