creative mathematica

7 haikus from A2.2
First shape, square –
straight-sided just like hell,
now let’s go in circles.

All angles seem insane,
sakura lost in space –
parallel universe.
Second shape, rectangle –
swallows might lose their heads,
the imperfect blueprint.
Not two degrees the same,
think of diagonals –
grasshoppers on the wing.
Now to shape no.3,
your eyes on a tripod –
a triangle can’t lie.
Next shape is a rhombus.
Now look through the rainbow –
what a strange animal!
Kite in September sky,
Now we hike a mountain;
Pythagoras is dead.

14 September 2010

Today’s inspiration emerged from the classroom – this is one example of Geopoetics in action 🙂


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